Kazakhstan to construct grain terminals in Afghanistan

05 January 20181 min reading

A Kazakhstani politician suggested building grain terminals and elevators in Afghanistan. Kazakhstan which is a leading grain exporter needs to solve its transportational problems.


The deputy chairman of the lower chamber of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Vladimir Bozhko, suggested building Kazakh grain terminals and elevators in Afghanistan. The reason underlying this suggestion is to save time and money during wheat trade in this country. This year Kazakhstan has faced a problem of rolling stock shortage. About 3.5 thousand of rail cars cannot return back from abroad for a month. Kazakh farmers have difficulties in selling their crop for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is the lack of grain hoppers. The problem also arises due to the absence of necessary infrastructure for rapid products unloading. Kazakhstan had to attract more than 2 thousand of grain hoppers from other countries to cover the transport deficit.

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