Brabender’s new laboratory manager Dr. Matthias Mayser:

29 March 20223 min reading

‘For me, working in the laboratory is like coming home’

Dr. Matthias Mayser is the new Head of Application Lab Food & Feed at Brabender. In an interview, the biology graduate reveals how he intends to further develop the Application Laboratory Food and Feed. “I am looking forward to being back in the lab, improving equipment, having customer contact and being a problem solver. During my scientific career, I also worked a lot in labs, so for me it’s like coming home again,” says Dr. Mayser.

Dr. Matthias Mayser

Working in the laboratory is a common thread running through Dr. Matthias Mayser's life. After studying biology and mechanical engineering, followed by a doctorate and laboratory work, he first worked in the laboratory of Zwilling J.A. Henckels AG in Solingen, where he was responsible for process optimisation and the development of new measuring methods. He started at Brabender as a system architect in the New Technologies department. Now, at the beginning of the year, he has taken up his new position as laboratory manager. In an interview, he talks about what he is looking forward to most in his new position.

Dr. Mayser, how did you come to Brabender?

That was purely by chance. At the time, I heard about the position as a system architect from acquaintances and then applied for it. At Brabender, I particularly like the versatility of the broad product portfolio of different measuring devices. There's never a dull moment.

You have been with Brabender since 2019. Why did you decide to take on the new position as laboratory manager?

It appealed to me to come back to the laboratory environment. During my scientific career I also worked a lot in laboratories, so for me it's like coming home again.

What experience and skills do you bring with you and how would you like to use them for Brabender?

In addition to my international laboratory experience, I bring with me knowledge of materials for biological raw materials from my biology studies and knowledge of applications from rheology from my mechanical engineering studies. As a system architect at Brabender, I mainly did a lot of conceptual work and process optimisation of the technology. I would like to use the knowledge from the technology of my previous job in the future and stay in contact with the New Technologies department in order to combine both areas.

How would you like to fundamentally develop the Application Lab Food and Feed? What is your vision?

We have laid the foundation for new applications and would like to strengthen the cooperation between engineering and the laboratory. This will allow us to shorten development time and respond more quickly to new requests than if we were to consider the two areas separately.

What are you most looking forward to in your new position?

I am looking forward to being back in the lab, improving devices, having customer contact and being a problem solver.

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