TABADER hosts 5th Doyens Award Night

09 May 20243 min reading

Simultaneously organized with IDMA Istanbul, the fifth edition of TABADER’s now customary Doyens Award Ceremony took place on May 2nd at Wow Hotel. This year, awards were presented in six categories to individuals and institutions who made significant contributions to the grain and pulses industry.

In collaboration with IDMA Istanbul hosting thousands of industry professionals from around the world for its 10th edition, TABADER’s activities extended into the late hours of the night on the first day of the fair. As representatives of milling machinery, grain, and pulses processing industries convened at the IDMA Istanbul fairground, TABADER, during the evening of the fair’s first day, hosted the fifth installment of its now traditional veteran’s award ceremony. Among those present at the ceremony hosted at Wow Hotel were Ahmet Güldal, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of TMO, Prof. Mustafa Bayram, Chairman of the Board of TABADER, along with other board members, as well as academics, public officials, and industry representatives from both national and global domains.

This year, the Doyens Award Ceremony presented awards in 6 categories. These include the Seismic Honorary Award, TABADER Gratitude Special Award, In Memoriam, Doyens’ of Five Decades, Institutions of Five Decades, and Honorary Award for Industry Value Contributors. In addition to the ongoing awards, the Earthquake Honorary Award was introduced due to the February 6, 2023 Kahramanmaraş earthquake, which deeply impacted 14 million people from 11 provinces directly, and left a profound emotional impact on all remaining provinces and citizens. The first award announced during the ceremony, the Earthquake Special Award, was bestowed upon Prof. Dr. Naci Görür, in recognition of his relentless efforts to raise awareness about potential earthquake risks, which are followed with great interest by the public.

The institutions that tirelessly worked to mend the wounds of the Kahramanmaraş earthquake, dubbed as the Catastrophe of the Century, were also deemed worthy of the TABADER Gratitude Special Award. Ahmet Güldal, Chairman and General Manager of the Turkish Grain Board; Haluk Tezcan, Chairman of the Turkish Flour Industrialists Federation; Aykut Göymen, Chairman of the Turkish Pasta Industrialists Association; and Murat Bozkurt, Board Member of the Pasta Producers and Industrialists Association, were honored with the Dedication Award.

Other recipients of awards are as follows:

In Memoriam:

  • Fahrettin Ulusoy, Ahmet Kunduracı, 
  • Ms. Toshiko Satake

Doyens’ of Five Decades

  • Sevinç Göymen, Derviş Toprak, 
  • Salim Alaybeyi, Bekir Taşkaldiran

Institutions of Five Decades 

  • Sunnyland Bulgur Firması - Jan Yegamens
  • Tezcan Un Fabrikası-  Haluk Tezcan
  • Buhler - Bülent Özşahin

Industry Value Contributors

  • Prof. Dr. Nesli Sözer, Prof. Dr. Hamit Köksel
  • Prof. Dr. Hülya Doğan, Galip Umut Özdil
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