Turkish-Moroccan flour industry bond strengthened at IDMA Expo

04 May 20242 min reading

In an exclusive interview during the IDMA Expo in Istanbul, Moulay Abdelkadir Alalaoui, President of the Moroccan Flour Milling Federation (FNM), provides a comprehensive overview of the state of flour milling in Morocco and its relationship with Turkey.

During the IDMA Expo in Istanbul, Moulay Abdelkadir Alalaoui, President of the Moroccan Flour Milling Federation (FNM), shed light on the pivotal role of the industrial flour milling sector in Morocco. Alalaoui highlighted that Morocco boasts 154 grain milling companies, underscoring the significance of the FNM in representing this sector. He emphasized the FNM’s importance as a key player in economic development and as a guarantor of the country’s food security.

He highlighted the robust milling machinery industry in Turkey, emphasizing, “We are here at IDMA to explore cutting-edge technology.” He elaborated, “Our delegation has engaged in numerous meetings with milling technology producers, and we are highly impressed with the quality of Turkish milling equipment manufacturers.” Pointing to the proliferation of flour facilities established by Turkish companies in their country, he affirmed, “Our presence here underscores our satisfaction with Turkish milling machines’ quality.” He expressed optimism, stating, “I believe that the ongoing collaboration between our two countries in this sector will continue to flourish.” He noted that there is a historically strong relationship between Turkey and Morocco.

Acknowledging the challenges facing Morocco’s crop season, Alalaoui highlighted adverse weather conditions, with dry and hot weather leading to record-low production levels. Anticipating below-average yields for wheat and barley, he projected 2024/25 season wheat production at 2.3 million tons and 0.6 million tons, respectively, representing significant declines from the previous year. 

With reduced grain production looming, Alalaoui foresaw a significant surge in wheat imports for the 2024/25 season, reaching 10 million tons of all the cereals, 5.7 millions for hard and soft wheat, surpassing Morocco’s ten-year import average. He underscored the paramount importance of bread in the Moroccan diet, noting its ubiquitous presence at most meals.

In conclusion, Alalaoui extended gratitude to the organizers of the IDMA Expo for facilitating fruitful discussions and opportunities for collaboration, reaffirming the crucial role of international platforms like IDMA in advancing the grain milling industry.

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