EU grain production expected to fall

14 December 20212 min reading

In its first forecast for the 2022 crop, COCERAL sees the total grain crop in the EU-27+UK at 304.5 million tonnes. This would be slightly down from the 307.6 million tonnes harvested in 2021.

COCERAL, the European association of cereals, feedstuff, and agro supply trade, has published the EU Crop Forecast - December 2021 report on 13th December. According to the report, wheat production (excluding durum) is expected to decrease from 143.2 million tonnes to 139.8 million tonnes, mainly because of a return to average yields in the Balkan region after record high crops have been reached there in 2021. The French crop is forecast to be down by almost 1 million tonnes year-on-year, while the German crop is seen higher by a good half mln t.

The EU-27+UK 2022 barley production is forecast at 59 million tonnes, marginally down from 59.4 million tonnes this year. The EU-27+UK 2022 corn crop is seen almost unchanged year-on-year at 66.4 million tonnes (2021: 66.3 mln t), with a much higher crop in Hungary, but slightly lower crops in Poland, Germany, France, and Romania.

The EU-27+UK rapeseed crop is forecast to recover from 18.5 million tonnes to 20.0 million tonnes mainly because of higher plantings in several countries, including Germany, France, the UK, Romania, and Bulgaria.

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