Silos Cordoba supplies steel structures for a feed mill in Venezuela

30 October 20203 min reading

The harmony between structural, conveying and grain storage systems is key for the proper functioning of one of the largest plants in Venezuela. The Agroebenezer Feed Plant, C.A. required silos, handling equipment and a series of structures. All those elements had to be designed to fit perfectly. The plant has a capacity of 50 tonnes per hour and includes a storage area for grains and flours and a processing area where the feed is produced.

The corn storage area consists of six Silos model 20.63/16 each, with a storage capacity of 6,779.50m3, which results in 5,084.63 metric tons of corn, so that the feed plant has a total storage capacity of 30,507.78 metric tons of corn.

The flour storage area consists of two grain warehouses, the first one for the storage of sub-products, whose dimensions are 30 by 42 metres with a storage capacity of 4,100 metric tons of flours, such as meat flour, viscera meal, feathers flour, wheat bran, rice flour, corn cake, sugarcane bagasse and stuffed grass. The second grain warehouse is used for the storage of soybean, with dimensions 40 by 72 metres and a capacity of 13,500 metric tonnes.

The process area consists of a warehouse of dimensions 40 by 102 metres with a building for pelletizing equipment that houses all the structures that serve as support for machinery, whose dimensions are 24 metres long and 34.5 metres high.

The warehouse for pelletizing equipment houses a support structure of 16 cells for dosing and weighing, each cell having a capacity of 43m3 for a total of 515 metric tons, and a support structure for four silos used for the storage of minerals such as phosphate, calcium carbonate, biofos, among others. The silos have a unitary capacity to store 110 metric tons of minerals.

There is a grinding-mixing structure for the addition of flours and micros made by circular Silos and augers for a precise dosage.

The process continues with two fully equipped pellet towers. The towers are constituted by a series of slabs that support the equipment, with a height of 13.95 metres including compensation cells for the main equipment (pelletizer).

Finally, the feed mill also has a bagging and finished product area that consists of eight high hopper silos, model 3.05/7 with a 60° cone and a capacity of 65m3 each. The plant also has two hoppers entrances, one for flour reception and the other for grains reception. Finally, the plant has a complete conveying system consisting of belt conveyors, chain conveyors, belt conveyors with tripper, screw conveyors and bucket elevators. The feed mill is located in the Industrial Area of Chivacoa, Avenida Sorte, Bruzual municipality, Yaracuy, with a land area of ​​78,311 m2.

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