IDMA sets the stage for innovation and trade in global grain processing industry

26 March 20245 min reading

IDMA, renowned for hosting the industry's largest trade gatherings, will warmly welcome 10,000 professional visitors from 120 countries during its 10th gathering in Istanbul, which will also be the venue for the 5th International TABADER Summit. This summit, coinciding with IDMA Istanbul, will engage in discussions concerning significant developments, innovations, and production technologies in the sector. Set to occur at the Istanbul Expo Center from May 2nd to May 4th, 2024, IDMA Istanbul and the 5th International TABADER Summit will serve as a pivotal commercial hub. Here, producers of flour, feed, grain, and pulses processing technologies, along with milling machinery manufacturers, will collaboratively shape the future perspectives of the industry. This collaborative effort is anticipated to facilitate commercial connections amounting to $500 million in exports.

IDMA Istanbul will serve as a nexus, uniting global manufacturers pioneering modern production facilities characterized by high energy efficiency through innovative technologies, investors seeking to establish new facilities, and producers endeavoring to expand the capacities of their existing establishments. Simultaneously, it will maintain a keen awareness of global developments within the grain industry through hosting the 5th International TABADER Summit.

Under the motto, “The international fair of the grain and feed milling industry,” IDMA Istanbul will convene 10,000 professional visitors from 120 countries, spanning Turkey, European Union nations, MENA countries, and the United States, alongside 300 renowned brands.


In its fifth year, the TABADER Summit will gather key representatives of the industry from Turkey and across the globe, featuring specialized agendas and sessions. This summit will serve as a platform where various topics including digitalization, artificial intelligence, technological advancements, and the future of milling will be explored by internationally renowned experts across four sessions. Moreover, the summit will not only delve into the technological dimension of the global grain industry and production techniques but also address economic, logistical, and social aspects. A special session of the summit will center on 'Women in Milling'.

Muhammet Ali Kalkan
 The Chairman of the Board of HAGE Group


IDMA, the industry's first and only exhibition in Turkey and the largest in the world, will open its doors in Istanbul with a target of $500 million in exports. Muhammet Ali Kalkan, the Chairman of the Board of HAGE Group, the organizer of IDMA fairs, articulated a comprehensive perspective on the global agricultural landscape and the significance of technological advancements within the grain processing industry. He stated:

“The food issue, among the most important global agendas, has led countries to focus on agricultural investments once again. In today's world, where it is of strategic importance to process and store agricultural products alongside increasing production, demand for agricultural machinery and production technologies is increasing day by day. Considering the expected increase in the protein needs of the rapidly growing population, humanity's connection with grains and pulses, which are important protein sources, will increase even more with the global climate crisis and droughts. Another prominent issue alongside agricultural production is the processing of products into goods. In the coming period, an increase in demand for feed, grains, pulses, flour, and bakery products is expected, especially in regions with high population growth rates. The most important regions in this regard are Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Turkey's central position in the grain processing technologies industry and its proximity to the Middle East and African countries, where an increase in demand for agricultural products is expected, consolidates its position among the most important actors in the global market.

IDMA, where technologies that transform grains and pulses, which are among the fundamental food needs and can be stored for a long time, into products usable by the end consumer, will be exhibited, will bring together all stakeholders of the industry for the 10th time in Istanbul. IDMA, Turkey's first and only fair in the sector, and the world's largest, not only serves as a commercial meeting point bringing together producers and buyers but also demonstrates a vision by hosting TABADER summits for many years. At the summit, where trends in the industry, production processes worldwide, and future forecasts are discussed by opinion leaders, certified milling training sessions are also provided. 

With the protocol signed with the Association of Mill and Sector Machinery Manufacturers (DESMÜD), which recently assumed the representation of the sector, IDMA, which has gained strength, will keep the pulse of the global flour, grain, pulses, feed production technologies, and milling industry.”

He emphasized that IDMA fairs will continue to be platforms where the industry meets, new products and innovations emerge, and in the countries where they are held, they bring together professionals in food security and sustainability, where relevant civil society organizations and academics discuss problems and develop solution proposals.

Bringing together global flour, feed, grain processing machinery, and mill manufacturers, IDMA hosted exhibitions in Russia in 2022 and Indonesia in 2023. As Türkiye celebrates the 100th year of its republic, IDMA will convene all stakeholders of the industry in its homeland. The 10th IDMA Istanbul is scheduled to take place at the Istanbul Expo Center from May 2nd to May 4th, 2024.

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