Diorit four-roller mill now also with longitudinally split

13 July 20206 min reading
Nicholas Trounce Head of Product Management Milling Solutions Bühler Switzerland

High food and operating safety as well as low maintenance: Bühler’s Diorit four or eight roller mill consistently and safely grinds a variety of grains. The Diorit MDDY-600/250 four-roller mill is now also available in a longitudinally split version.

Bühler’s Diorit MDDY/MDDZ four or eight-roller mill has proven itself since its market launch in 2017. Thanks to its robust design, reliable grinding and exemplary hygiene, the Diorit is now well-established on the market as a cost-effective yet extremely powerful grinding solution. With the Diorit roller mill, wheat, corn, rye, barley, spelt and other types of grain can be reliably ground with high consistency. Since it was first introduced, over 1,500 Diorit roller mills have been sold and are used throughout the world.

Diorit 2019 Last year, Bühler made further improvements to the Diorit, particularly in terms of its user-friendliness. The most obvious innovation of the new Diorit 2019 generation is its completely revised control system. The user interface has been fully overhauled and re-designed, and now facilitates intuitive and simple monitoring and control of the roller mill. However, operation of the 2019 generation Diorit mill is not only possible via its newly designed touch screen control panel; the web server integrated into the new machine controls also allows remote operation. So, thanks to the wireless network, the Diorit roller mill can be operated via smartphone, tablet or PC. This means that the touch screen control system is no longer necessary on the roller mill, but is available on request as an option. Another innovative feature on the Diorit 2019 roller mill is the grinding chamber that has been enlarged by 30 mm. This gives the Diorit operator more room for sampling.

Diorit four-roller mill with a longitudinally split design The Diorit 2019 is available as a four or eight-roller mill in a total of nine different models. The Diorit MDDY-600/250 four-roller mill is now available in three different versions, offering the flexibility to choose between two and four milling passages. The standard version of the Diorit four-roller mill with a roller length of 600 mm enables two milling passages. The new, longitudinally split version is available for one side (L1) or for both sides (L2). On the model with one side split (L1), one side of the roller mill is split into two passages of 300 mm each. This enables the four-roller mill to grind three milling passages at the same time. On the version with two sides split (L2), both sides of the roller mill are split into two 300-mm passages each. The Diorit MDDY-600/250/L2 four-roller mill thus has a total of four milling passages. On the side of the roller mill that is split longitudinally, the inlet, feeder and control system are split in two. This means that the grinding properties can be controlled individually for each passage.

The Diorit MDDY-600/250 is now also available in a single-sided or double-sided longitudinally split design

The MDDY-600/250 four-roller mill with rollers split longitudinally is the ideal solution for small mills and school mills that have a grinding capacity of between 24 and 60 tons per day.

Reliable monitoring The modern sensor technology in the new generation Diorit also ensures that the rollers always run in the optimal position and at optimum speed. The Diorit roller mill features integrated monitoring of the roller disengagement function. This prevents the rollers from running against each other if there is no product present, generating an error message where necessary. The speed monitoring of the rear milling roller checks while the mill is operational that the toothed belt for the drive is working properly. The optionally available, continuous monitoring of the roller and bearing temperature triggers an alarm immediately and stops the drive as soon as the roller or bearing temperature rises excessively. Additional safeguards provide the operating personnel with the highest level of operational safety. When using fluted rollers, Diorit offers hand protection. This enables the operator to take product samples in complete safety while the mill is running.

Food-safe design The Diorit roller mill is also distinguished by its outstanding food safety. All parts of the Diorit roller mill that come into contact with the product are made from rust-free stainless steel or other food-safe materials. Lockable covers safeguard access to the machine and ensure that no contamination is able to make its way into the roller mill. The pivoting feeder module permits fast and complete product discharge and allows easy access for cleaning.

The Diorit’s sturdy, durable, cast-iron machine frame provides an optimal base for high grinding performance in 24-hour continuous operation. The wide inlet and the variable speed of the feeding roll ensure even feeding across the entire length of the grinding roll, contributing to consistent product quality. The compact roll pack with self-contained forces means that a high degree of setting accuracy and milling stability can be achieved. The low-wear, maintenance-friendly and silent toothed belt power transmission ensures quiet, reliable, constant operation.

The Diorit roller’s low maintenance requirements are truly impressive. The low-wear belt overdrive ensures a long service life and reliable continuous operation. The Quick Pack roller package speeds up roller changes, increasing operating time and contributing to an even better overall efficiency of the mill.

Customized solutions possible Bühler’s Diorit roller mill is available as a four or eight-roller mill with different roller lengths ranging from 600 mm to 1500 mm. The four-roller mill is also available in versions with roller lengths of 1,000 and 1,250 millimeters and a roller diameter of 300 millimeters. This increases the roller surface by 20% which extends the surface life of the rollers. The grinding surface is increased by 10% resulting in a higher flour yield in the fine semolina passages and a higher proportion of fine-ground flour and less starch damage in the smooth roller passages.

Different product inlets, scrapers and rollers can be selected for all Diorit models. This means that every requirement in terms of performance and throughput can be met. The Diorit roller mill can also be adapted to individual requirements with a wide range of optional additional functions such as direct extraction and water cooling.

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