COCERAL projects slight increase in EU-27+UK grain crop for 2024

14 June 20242 min reading

In its third forecast for the 2024 crop, the European Grain Traders Association (COCERAL) projects the total grain crop in the EU-27+UK to be 296 million tons. This is a slight increase from the previous forecast of 295.5 million tons and up from the 292.8 million tons harvested in 2023.

Wheat production (excluding durum) is expected to reach 134.5 million tons, compared to 134.1 million tons in the March forecast and down from 139.9 million tons last year. Record rainfall late last year significantly impacted the sowing of winter cereals (wheat and barley) in northwestern Europe, including France, Germany, the UK, the Baltics, and Poland. However, Spain's production is expected to increase substantially compared to 2023.

The EU-27+UK 2024 barley production is now forecast at 59.9 million tons, down from 61.2 million tons in the previous forecast but up from 54.4 million tons harvested in 2023. Denmark, Finland, and Spain are expected to have better barley crops than in 2023. 

The preliminary EU-27+UK corn crop is projected at 64.8 million tons, up from 64.3 million tons forecast in March and higher than the 63.8 million tons harvested in 2023. The EU-27+UK rapeseed crop is forecast at 19.4 million tons, down from 20.2 million tons in the previous forecast and from last year's 21.4 million tons.

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