CESCO showcases innovative solutions in Saudi Arabia

03 June 20246 min reading

The global grain trade landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by a confluence of factors. Shifting trade patterns, evolving consumer demands, and a growing focus on food security necessitate adaptability and innovation from industry players. CESCO, a leading German company specializing in grain storage and processing plants, is at the forefront of navigating these dynamics, as exemplified by their recent project win in Saudi Arabia.


Geopolitical Tensions and Supply Chain Disruptions: The recent war in Ukraine, a major wheat exporter, has sent shockwaves through the global grain market. Disruptions to Ukrainian exports have caused a surge in global wheat prices, threatening food security in import-dependent countries, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. This highlights the vulnerability of global food supply chains to geopolitical instability, prompting countries to reassess their reliance on single sources and prioritize domestic production and storage capabilities.

Climate Change and Sustainability Concerns: Climate change poses a significant threat to grain production, with extreme weather events like droughts and floods impacting yields and overall grain availability. This necessitates a focus on sustainable agricultural practices and improved storage solutions to minimize post-harvest losses. CESCO’s commitment to efficient grain handling systems aligns with this growing trend, promoting food security and resource conservation.

The Rise of Alternative Proteins: The increasing popularity of plant-based protein alternatives like soy and lentils is influencing grain consumption patterns. While this might lead to a decrease in demand for some traditional grains like wheat, it also presents opportunities for companies that can adapt their storage and processing solutions to cater to the evolving needs of the food industry.

Unique Challenges to Food Security in the Middle East: The Middle East faces also unique challenges when it comes to food security. Arid climates, limited arable land, and a growing population put pressure on domestic food production. Additionally, political instability in the region can disrupt food imports, further jeopardizing food security efforts.

Client in Focus: United Feed Company

In this context, CESCO is proud to partner with United Feed Company (UFC), a leading player in the Saudi Arabian food industry. Established in 1985, UFC plays a vital role in supporting the Kingdom’s poultry and livestock sectors by providing high-quality 100% plant-based animal feed products, including grains like barley, flaked barley, and rolled barley.

Innovative Solutions for a Growing Market

CESCO’s project for UFC in Saudi Arabia exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that address the specific needs of the region. The state-of-the-art grain storage and handling facility boasts several key features:

 Large-Scale Storage Capacity: The project includes 15 corrugated steel flat bottom storage silos boasting a total capacity of more than 205,152 tons. This substantial storage capacity allows UFC to maintain a strategic reserve of essential feedstock materials, mitigating the impact of potential supply chain disruptions.

 High-Capacity Handling: The plant is designed to receive, transport, and store free-flowing materials like grains, cereals, and oilseeds. With dedicated high capacity 2x400 t/h receiving lines for grains and 2x125 t/h for soy meal, the facility can handle a significant daily intake, ensuring a consistent supply of raw materials for UFC’s production needs.

 Efficient Pre-Cleaning and Weighing: Grains undergo a thorough pre-cleaning process using advanced rotary cleaners and magnet pipes to remove impurities. Flow scales integrated into the system ensure accurate weighing of incoming materials, optimizing production efficiency and cost control.

 Flexible Reclaiming and Distribution: The plant features a versatile reclaiming and recycling system that allows for efficient distribution of stored materials. Grain can be directed to bulk truck out-loading silos, bagging lines, or back to storage based on production requirements.

 Advanced Conveyor Technology: CESCO’s innovative Chain Conveyors, Belt Bucket Elevators and Roller Belt Conveyors are incorporated throughout the facility. These conveyors offer several advantages, including improved cleanability, reduced maintenance needs, and a modular design for easier transport and installation. This focus on advanced conveyor technology optimizes material flow and minimizes downtime.

 Simultaneous Operations: The design of the plant enables simultaneous operation of various processes. For example, grain and soy meal receiving/loading can occur concurrently, maximizing overall efficiency and throughput.

Holistic Approach to Grain Storage Solutions

What truly sets CESCO apart is their comprehensive approach to grain storage projects. Unlike competitors who may focus solely on equipment or specific aspects of construction, CESCO offers a holistic view, encompassing all facets of design and execution:

1. Site Selection and Planning: CESCO goes beyond simply providing equipment. They assist clients in identifying suitable installation sites, considering factors like ground inclination, water table depth, and access to utilities. This ensures optimal plant functionality and minimizes long-term operational costs.

2. Architectural and Structural Design: CESCO’s in-house team develops the architectural and structural design of the civil works, ensuring a safe and efficient operating environment and minimizing the civil works costs.

3. Detailed Engineering with a Focus on Efficiency: The detailed engineering process prioritizes factors such as conveying capacity, maximizing throughput while minimizing energy consumption. Additionally, CESCO prioritizes equipment with reduced wear and tear and ease of maintenance, embodying their “smart concept, easy operation” philosophy.

4. Component Selection: CESCO leverages their expertise to select the most appropriate equipment for each project stage, considering factors like performance, reliability, and life-cycle costs.

5. Delivery and Installation Supervision: CESCO ensures the timely delivery of all necessary equipment and materials to the project site. They also provide expert supervision during installation, guaranteeing proper execution according to design specifications.

6. Commissioning and Training: Following installation, CESCO oversees the commissioning process, ensuring the plant functions optimally. They also provide comprehensive training for UFC’s personnel, empowering them to operate and maintain the facility effectively.

By offering this all-encompassing approach, CESCO helps clients achieve significant cost reductions. Careful site selection and foundation design minimize upfront investment. Furthermore, the focus on energy-efficient equipment selection and ease of maintenance translates to lower long-term operational costs for electricity and manpower.


CESCO’s project for UFC in Saudi Arabia demonstrates the company’s ability to deliver innovative solutions that address the unique challenges of food security in the Middle East. By providing UFC with a high-capacity, efficient grain storage and handling facility, CESCO is helping to ensure a stable supply of animal feed products, contributing to the overall food security of the region. Moreover, CESCO’s holistic approach, encompassing all aspects from site selection to training, ensures not only a well-designed and constructed facility but also optimized long-term operational efficiency. This commitment to comprehensive solutions positions CESCO as a leading partner for companies seeking to navigate the complexities of the grain trade landscape and contribute to a more secure and sustainable food supply chain. 

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