13 September 20161 min reading
Wheat, which is one of staple foods of mankind, is facing many contaminants in growing, harvesting, handling and storing processes. These contaminants pose various risks in terms of both final product quality and human health. Therefore it is highly significant that wheat should be cleaned effectively in mills so as to have risky flour in terms of quality and food safety. kapakIt is possible to have many contaminants in grains like wheat sent to flour mills, during growing, harvest, handling and storing processes. As a result of growing and storing in improper conditions, it is also possible to have unhealthy or diseased pieces among the grains. Before processing the grains for a quality production which does not create a risk for human health, wheat should be cleaned from these contaminants (weeds, seeds, diseased grains, stone, metal and etc.), unhealthy and diseased grains. In the past, this cleaning process used to be as a washing process. This method was abandoned due to environmental effects and dry cleaning system replaced. Today, contaminants can be cleaned through highly developed technologies.
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