Biomin Opens New Production Plant In China

14 December 20172 min reading

Animal health and nutrition company Biomin, has expanded its capacity in the fast-growing Chinese market. Biomin inaugurated 5,600m²-production facility in Wuxi to provide both quality control and analytical services for customers. 


Animal nutrition company Biomin opened a new production plant in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, in China. The opening ceremony of the new facility took place on 30 October 2017. The new Wuxi-based plant produces innovative Biotronic® and Mycofix® product lines. The latest addition to the firm’s global production network encompasses a 5,600m² building featuring offices, a warehouse, and laboratory designed to provide both quality control and analytical services for customers. Biomin, headquartered in Inzersdorf-Getzersdorf, Austria, has been active in the Chinese market for nearly 20 years, having opened its first production unit in China in 2004. Speaking at the opening ceremony Dr. Hannes Binder, Managing Director of Biomin, stated, “BIOMIN is strongly committed to serving clients in China. This investment reflects our high ambitions for the future.” Wuxi facility has two automated acidifier production lines with a total installed capacity of 32,000 tons per year, and four packing lines. The configuration will produce five products within the Biotronic® product line, a family of enhanced acidifiers. Another automated production line with the installed capacity of 32,000 tons per year produces the firm’s leading mycotoxin-deactivating feed additive, Mycofix®. With the new facility coming online, BIOMIN doubles its global capacity to produce Mycofix®.The Wuxi facility includes a more than 360m² scientific laboratory designed in accordance with feed safety management and testing process rules and requirements

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