Günhan ULUSOY period in TUSAF

28 May 20153 min reading
During the Extraordinary General Meeting of Turkish Flour Manufacturers Federation (TUSAF) held on 2nd of May, Ulusoy Un Chairman of the Board Eren Günhan ULUSOY was elected as the new president. uluss The new president of Turkish Flour Manufacturers Federation (TUSAF) became Ulusoy Un Chairman of the Board Eren Günhan Ulusoy. During the Extraordinary General Meeting of TUSAF held in Ankara on May 2nd, 2015, Eren Günhan Ulusoy was elected as the Chairman of the Board for 3 years, and he took over the position from Erhan Özmen, who is one of the founders of TUSAF and had been the president of TUSAF for 10 years.   During his speech in the General Meeting, TUSAF Chairman of the Board Günhan Ulusoy underlined that a tough period awaits the sector, which had been the leader of global flour market for the last 5 years, and said: "The success of Turkish flour industry in the world markets had made us the focus of sectoral authorities both as exporters and domestic suppliers. Preserving and improving our position requires serious effort and sectoral unification.".   AN INNOVATIVE, PARTICIPATORY, CREATIVE PHILOSOPHY... Ulusoy indicated that they will conduct studies regarding the flour sector with institutions such as the Turkish Grain Board (TGB), Ministry of Agriculture, Federation of Bakers, Grain Suppliers Association (HUBUDER), and made the following statements: "We will support the challenges of our industrialists and traders in coordination with our eight associations, which form the infrastructure of our federation. As TUSAF board, we will create our policies while taking the benefit of our stakeholders in all sectors into consideration. We will embrace our whole industry without distinction of exporters, domestic traders and regions. In this respect, as declared in the regulation of our federation as well, we will follow a policy that is focusing on the future, not the past, but benefiting from the experiences of the past as well, and adopt a philosophy, which is innovative, participatory, creative, gives importance to team work, and mitigates individual conflicts."   TUSAF was founded in 2004 to perform studies for providing quality nutrition to Turkish public and preserving the rights of flour industry and sector shareholders, and it represents Turkish flour industry in national and international platforms. The opening ceremony of headquarters was held in Ankara by Minister of Agriculture Mehdi Eker on April 2nd, 2015, and the Vice Presidents of the new period will be Ali Rıza Menemenlioğlu and Selçuk Aydınalp. The new board under the Presidency of Günhan Ulusoy will also include Ata Altay, Bekir Tosun, Celalettin Yılmaz, A. Ergin Okandeniz, Hüseyin Mirioğlu, Kenan Aydıngüler, Mesut Okyay, Murad Bertan, Selçuk Aydınalp, Şeyhmus Duyan and Vecdi Kozlu.   Who is Günhan Ulusoy? Eren Günhan Ulusoy graduated from Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business on 2003, and completed his Master's Degree in the field of Agricultural Economy in Ondokuz Mayıs University on 2014. He took the position of General Manager in Ulusoy Un Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., for which he is a company partner of, between 2004-2010. Günhan Ulusoy continued his career as the Chief Executive Officer between 2010-2015, and has been elected as the Chairman of the Board for three years in the general meeting held on March 2015. Günhan Ulusoy had been a Board Member of Samsun Serbest Bölgesi İşletici A.Ş (SASBAŞ) since 2008, and at the same time, he is continuing his duties of Black Sea Region Association of Flour Industry Chairman of the Board, Black Sea Grain, Pulses and Oilseeds Exporters' Association Vice Chairman of the Board, and Samsun Commodity Exchange Vice Chairman of the Board.  
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