Yield in Turkey increased by 10 percent

06 October 20172 min reading

It has been stated that wheat and barley crops in Turkey, where cereal harvest ended, increased by 10 percent in the country and 30 percent in Konya Plain, which is regarded as granary. yieldAccording to the data of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, in Turkey, where cereal harvest ended, the yield increased by 10 percent across the country and 30 percent in Konya Plain which is described as ‘’granary’’. Huseyin Çevik, the President of Konya Commodity Exchange (KTB), making a statement about this issue, said that the wheat and barley season of 2017/18 ended and the farmer had a fertile season. Cevik, expressing that winter and spring rains affected the yield in a positive way, said: ‘’When it comes to Turkey, according to the data of our Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, 22 million tons of wheat and 7.5 million tons of barley yield are under consideration.’’ Cevik, who reminded in his speech that yield in wheat was 20.4 million tons and barley was 6.5 million tons last year, added: ‘’When we consider our data of this year, there is an increase about 10 percent in wheat and 30 percent increase in Konya which is regarded as ‘’granary’’ due to the productive rainfall occurred within the year when compared to last year. 800 thousand to 1 million tons of wheat in the Konya region, 350-400 thousand tons of barley were processed.’’ Cevik stated that the corn harvest will start in October and that 6.2 million tonnes of corn are expected to be produced throughout Turkey.

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