Yenar receives award for its rollCare Profile Measurement

05 July 20223 min reading

Yenar’s rollCare Profile Measurement Device was among the winners of the GRAPAS Innovations Award 2022. The rollCare won the ‘Highly Commended’ award at the VICTAM International and GRAPAS Europe, held in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The rollCare Profile Measurement Device is the only one device designed using laser technology in the world that able to check fluted roll profiles. This device gives you reports to compare by overlapping automatically the existing roll profile and theorical one. rollCare measures the sharp angle, dull angle, radius land depth and grinding area.

Nowadays, most millers are clarifying the rolls are need re-fluting based on time or tonnage or by feeling. But if by feeling, it won’t be consistent from miller to miller. If by time based or tonnage, this will be like scheduled maintenance but sometimes the rolls are not worn out at all when we re-flute. If the miller’s re-flutes now the mill is wasting their money as the rolls are still in good condition. Or sometimes they squeeze the rolls more and try to get as much use out of them. When the rolls are really worn out your machine’s amperemeter is going up and mills are wasting their money and causing high electricity consumption and cost and inconsistent quality. So millers can see the exact condition of the flutes and quantifies the wear out of the rolls based on the flute area and as a percentage value. This will be consistent way to control the re-fluting and saving money for energy, easier to control the quality of flour produced and higher yield capacity. In the high-capacity flour mills, they have many rolls and they cannot control the roller mills maintenance and this device help you to save your roller healthy and get pre-maintenance time. Because you can check and understand which rolls will worn out in the coming short time or is it in the critical point to be wear. At least you can give idea from the device for the next maintenance time.

Thirdly, you cannot control the roll work shop, if you have any roll fluting machine in the mills for how your operator re-fluted your rolls because you cannot measure the sharp or dull angles which are also very important things to break more power you can check only land by microscope. The other thing is that you cannot manage the depth of the flutes because while diameter of rolls getting smaller after grinding process, you should flute these rolls with less depth because the land of the roll has to be same. So you can check the depth of the flutes, both angles and land with our device while actively fluting rolls at least you can flute some then measure if you decide everything is going correct or not.

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