XII International Grain Trading Conference to be held in Baku

15 August 20222 min reading

The Russian Grain Union will host the XII International Grain Trading Conference «Global Grain Outlook», October 4 – 7, 2022 in Baku, Azerbaijan, «Holiday Inn 4».

“The choice of Azerbaijan as a place for this event is connected with its unique geography that allows us to consider this country as a pivotal link between the grain markets of the Black Sea region, Asia and the Middle East as well as its positioning as “the Grain Gates” between the Islamic world and the countries of the Black Sea region, the Russian Grain Union said in a press release.

In the framework of the conference, it is planned to have a great discussion about the mid-and-long-term tendencies in the development of grain production, investment support and the mechanisms of financing grain production and trade. Participants will ponder over the approaches to the definition of the “fair” price for the grain based on the balance of interest expressed by both producers and consumers, the measures for ensuring accessibility of the processing products for all the population groups of different countries. Among the most crucial and compelling questions are a new quality of grain logistics, the creation of new transport corridors, for example, the corridor North-South with access to the Persian Gulf etc. 

During the whole period of the International Grain Trading Conference ‘Global Grain Outlook”, more than 3 000 representatives from more than 30 countries took part in this event. Every year to hold business meetings and negotiations participants come from such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the U.S., Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, France, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, etc. 

The detailed information on the preliminary program, registration, participation conditions, sponsor and information support, please, contact the organizers:

Phone: +7 977 972 97 40
+7 (495) 369-44-53


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