World Grain Exchanges and Stock Market Transactions

06 June 20142 min reading
Started to be used much more effectively in Turkey especially in the recent years, commodity exchanges provide significant contributions both to the country economy and industries related with the commodities traded in the exchanges. Trading the commodities via commodity exchanges allows the formation of the market prices, ensuring price stability, reducing the uncertainties in the market, distribution and sharing of the risks. The major representatives of the world grain markets are commodity exchanges. A great part of the wheat trade in the developed countries is realized via these exchanges today. Thus, the representatives related with the grain do not stop following the major commodity exchanges of the world. Commodity exchanges whose importance has been understood well in our country especially in the recent years and that have started to be preferred more commodity exchanges provide important contributions both to the economy and grain markets. As it is known; these exchanges are a market in which producers can supply their products to lots of buyers and thus sell them safely with actual prices under the current conditions. This is the most important advantage of the commodity exchanges for the consumer. Businessmen eliminate the risk of both product search and price by purchasing the product they need in advance with a fixed price. Producers making export get the opportunity to fulfil their export commitments on time with the desired quality and price by making futures contracts.
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