World Flour Day 2024 spotlights millers' social commitment

01 February 20243 min reading

On World Flour Day, 20 March 2024, the worldwide milling community will stand together under the motto “World Flour Day – Giving Day” to launch a special campaign: Doing good, and getting others to do so as well. Organized by the FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg, which inaugurated World Flour Day in 2020, this year it brings the social commitment of millers around the world into focus with campaigns for donations to needy children.

On 20 March the milling community will honour flour, mankind’s staple food, for the fifth time. Flour, as one of the most important staple foods, has been part of human nutrition and development for millennia. World Flour Day is an occasion to honour the importance of flour and the work of the milling industry. It is a day of recognition, appreciation, and hope. This year the FlourWorld Museum is linking this appreciation of the “White Gold” with a call for social engagement.

With the motto “Millers meeting social challenges” mills across the world are invited to take an active part. They are encouraged to donate flour to charitable institutions like children’s aid foundations and orphanages. This Giving Day campaign not only offers a way to provide practical assistance, but also helps make the invaluable services of millers visible to the public. Every contribution counts, large or small. The FlourWorld Museum will set an example by donating 500 kg of flour.


Mills and millers around the world are invited to join this initiative and contribute by donating goods to orphanages and youth foundations. The goal of these joint efforts is to make the world a little bit better. 

Peter Steiner, Global Head of Business Unit MC Mühlenchemie, at the initiative of which the museum was founded, underscores the deeper significance of the motto of this year’s World Flour Day. “Flour is much more than just a staple food. It symbolizes life. With our global charitable initiative we want to strengthen awareness of the outstanding role the milling industry plays in nutrition. Flour is a staple food and an integral part of cuisines everywhere. It contributes daily to the well-being of billions of people. When we donate flour, we donate life.”

The FlourWorld Museum will bundle and present the many initiatives around World Flour Day 2024. On 20 March 2024, World Flour Day will be the kickoff event for these initiatives. On and around that day, will publish photos, videos, and stories showing how the global milling community helps children in need. These activities will also be posted on social media under #worldflourday.

The website ( is tasked not just with highlighting the global importance of flour, but also with presenting a varied picture of flour and its future. Furthermore, it calls attention to the urgent need to help children around the world.

20 March was chosen for World Flour Day because the date is right in the middle of the solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the beginning of spring, the time of planting, and in the Southern Hemisphere it marks the autumn and harvest. World Flour Day was initiated three years ago, and has now become a firm date in the calendars of millers everywhere. 

The FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg near Hamburg, Germany holds the world’s largest collection of flour sacks, with over 3900 sacks from 150 countries. Flour.Power.Life is the unifying idea under which the sacks portray the traditions, history, and myths of flour. The museum and World Flour Day are dedicated to flour and the millers of the world, who supply humanity with flour every day.

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