Visitors stopped by with their lists at hand

24 April 20191 min reading

Filiz Aybakar, Chairwoman, AYBAKAR: First, as a exhibitor, this year the exhibition was better than ever. We met new faces that we never saw. There were too many visitors from different countries. There were visitors who previously never visited Turkey. And what is important, really people came with their sketches. “We want this, we want that,” they said. Only interested people. There was a lot of interest in our machines. After the exhibition, we will have many offers to prepare. There were a lot of visitors from Italy and Spain. The number of visitors from France and Pakistan was also very high. We hosted people from Russia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. Algeria... I saw several people from Tunisia. China was over. Maybe there are other countries I can’t remember. There were a lot of Turks.

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