Uzbekistan decreases excise duty for imported flour

12 September 20131 min reading
President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov decided to decrease the rate of excise duty for imported flour. Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov signed a resolution that decreases the rate of excise duty for imported flour. The resolution was adopted in order to improve import of wheat flour and create conditions for expansion of assortment of locally produced bread and confectionary products. According to the resolution, the excise duty rate for import of flour was cut from 15% to 11% from customs cost of the goods. Uzbekistan has an importance place on especially Kazakhstan flour export. Making an export of 1.216 million tons flour to Uzbekistan in 2012, Kazakhstan has some problems in flour export because of the high excise duties. In the past period of 2013, the volume of exported flour from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan made up 709,000 tons, which fell by 45% year-on-year. High excise duties to flour resulted in outage of quarter of flour mills Kazakhstan as Uzbekistan accounts 75% of all wheat exports of Kazakhstan.
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