Uzbekistan abolishes taxation of flour

13 September 20171 min reading
Uzbekistan is set to abolish import and banderole taxes on certain food products, including wheat flour, starting on September 1st.

ozbekistanWith a decree signed by Uzbek President Şavkat Mirziyoyev, the import and banderole taxes for some food products, including wheat flour, have been abolished and import tax rates have been decreased for some other products, starting from September 1st. According to a report by Turkish state-run Anadolu agency, no banderole taxes will be paid for wheat flour, animal fat and animal feed imported to this country, starting on September 1st. With the same decree, import taxes have been abolished for butter, soy oil and sunflower oil, rye flour, cracked wheat, rough flour, cacao beans, potato seeds and grain seeds.

It has been reported that the action was taken to prevent a hike in prices of consumption and food products and to improve competitive conditions.

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