Turkish flour industrialists gather in Northern Cyprus

11 November 20193 min reading

Anatolian, Southeastern and Dicle flour industrialists associations that represent most of Turkish flour industrialists organized a panel called “2019/2020 Harvest Season and Post-Harvest Expectations” in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. General Manager of the Turkish Grain Board Ahmet Guldal announced the wheat prices during the event.

Three major associations of Turkish flour industry; Association of Anatolian Flour Industrialists (AUSD), Association of Southeastern Flour Industrialists (GUSAD), and Dicle Flour Industrialists’ Association (DUNSAD) organized an event entitled “2019/2020 Harvest Season and Post-Harvest Expectations” in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus between 18 and 20 September.

General Manager of the Turkish Grain Board Ahmet Guldal, Head of Imports General Directorate Orhan Ercan, AUSD Board Chairman Ali Ihsan Ozkasikci, GUSAD Board Chairman Mesut Cakmak, GUSAD Honorary President Erhan Ozmen, Cukurova Flour Industrialists Association (CUSD) Board Chairman Bekir Bagis, Ege Flour Industrialists Association (EUSD) Board Chairman Haluk Tezcan, Head of Gaziantep Commodity Exchange Mehmet Akinci, board members of associations, members of associations and representatives from the industry attended the event.

TURKISH GRAIN BOARD ANNOUNCED SALE PRICE OF WHEAT General Manager and CEO of the Turkish Grain Board Ahmet Guldal announced the wheat prices during the event. Both purchase and sale prices had been announced simultaneously in recent years but only purchase price was announced this year. Guldal talked about recent developments in local and international grain markets. He informed the audience about grain production figures and market prices in 2019 and shared market expectations. “We planned the steps to be taken after the harvest season. We are following domestic and international markets and price movements closely. We believe that our stocks are a kind of insurance for the stability of markets. For the sake of the stability we have consolidated our wheat and barley stocks with local grains and also exports at the right time and we will continue to do so. We are ready to take all necessary steps to maintain market stability in the coming period.” he added.

Turkish Grain Board General Manager Ahmet Guldal also updated flour industrialists about sale policies of 2019/2020 period and current sale prices: Local Anatolia Red Hard Wheat No:2 and exported bread wheat with 12.5 protein rate will be sold for 1,450 TL/ton, exported bread wheat with 13.5 protein rate will be sold for 1,475 TL/ton, local and exported bran types will be sold for 1,225 TL/ton.

Guldal stressed that production and trade are sensitive issues: “Producers and industrialists that make great effort to bring this food to our tables are highly esteemed for us. We appreciate their work and we also try hard to support them with full force in order to pay their share. Our policies protect interests of our country and support our industrialists to be more successful. Hence we are the number 1 flour exporter and number 2 pasta exporter of the world. In the last 10 years we have doubled flour exports, pasta exports are now 6 times higher than it was 10 years ago. Egg and poultry meat exports are also 4 times higher now.

AUSD Board Chairman Ali Ihsan Ozkasikci made the opening speech at the event. He said that they would continue to maintain high level and excellent relationships with the government. Ozkasikci also took part in the panel. Ozkasikci stressed “Bread is the main staple of Turkish people. We cannot raise prices because both wheat and bread are products that have significant effects on politics. If we want to increase wheat production we should either raise prices or subsidize farmers.”

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