Turkish exporters imported 3 million tons of wheat in 9 months

05 January 20182 min reading

According to the data of Turkish Ministry of Customs, $1.18 billion of agricultural products of which customs duties were reduced were imported in the first nine months of 2017. In this period, Turkey imported 652 million dollars of wheat within the scope of inward processing regime.


1.18 billion dollars is spent for the food products which were exported through reducing the customs tax in the first 9 months and 4.9 million tons of food was imported. On the value basis, 69% of the exports were done within inward processing regime. In the statement made by the Ministry of Customs and Trade, it was said that, “It is seen that 80% of the 4.9 million tons of imports on the quantity basis were done by exporting the finished goods produced within the scope of inward processing regime and an export of 963 thousand tons was made under the scope of release for free circulation. On the value basis, 69% of total imports worth 1.18 billion dollars were made through exporting the finished goods that were produced under the scope of inward processing regime the absolute amount of imports is about 368.7 million dollars.” In the first 9 months, the highest imports were in wheat. 92% of 3.1 million tons of wheat ($ 652 million) was imported during this period within inward processing regime. 76% of corn ($ 293 million), which ranks second with 1.4 million tons, was imported within inward processing regime. Other imported products are: “62 thousand 473 tons of chickpeas (90.8 million dollars), 291 thousand tons of barley (53.6 million dollars), 2 thousand 823 tons of red pepper (7.3 million dollars), 63 thousand 865 heads of live cattle and 1966 tons of carcass beef ($ 7.8 million) “.

Changes in customs taxes are as follows: - Wheat: reduced to 45 percent from 130 percent on June 27. - Corn: reduced to 25 percent from 130 percent on June 27. - Chickpea: reduced to 0 percent from 19.3 percent March 8 to July 1. - Barley: reduced to 45 percent from 130 percent on June 27.

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