Turkey’s Grain Board to buy wheat as long as needed

11 October 20183 min reading

The Turkish Grain Board took its measures to prevent any lacking in wheat and flour. The board’s General Manager, Ahmet Güldal, said that the board carried out the bidding to import 250 thousand tons of common wheat and will continue to buy wheat and feed as long as needed.


Ahmet Güldal, the General Manager of Turkish Grain Board (TMO), said the board implemented the zero tariffs given by the government, adding that the works have been ongoing to import 250 thousand tons of quality common wheat to Turkey.

Speaking during the Extended Sector Meeting organized by the Black Sea Flour Industrialists with the theme of “After Harvest” in Samsun, Güldal said, “This process will go on as long as needed.” The board has announced a series of international tenders to import 252 thousand tons of wheat. Besides, the board released a statement on its website with the title of “Necessary measures have been taken to stabilize the cereal markets.”

He said the board monitors the developments in the sector closely and there were some problems in the production of wheat and barley in 2018. Saying that the quality problem emerged due to the seasonal negative conditions, he said: “Statistically, Turkey is estimated to produce 21 million tons of wheat, 7.4 million tons of barley, and 5.7 million tons of maize. However, we know that the output was lower than this estimation. Of course, TMO has purchased barley, wheat, maize, chickpea, and lentil. Approximately, we purchased 2.5 million tons and reinforced our stocks. The quality problem emerged due to the seasonal negative conditions. We know that there has been a price hike of twenty percent in wheat. The cereal is the bread for 81 million people and one of the main feed sources for animals. We never dispense with agriculture and the most strategic area is the production of cereal.”

Güldal acknowledged that Turkey faced with a very serious problem as a result of the hike in the exchange rates because of various financial attacks in 2018. “In this period, the price of cereal in local markets remained significantly lower than foreign markets. This situation triggered in the anticipation of inflation in the domestic market. At this point, we see how important the food safety and thereby agricultural is. Everybody knows that we have implemented the measures to reinforce our stocks. With the zero tariffs mandated by the government, we realized our tender. The works have been ongoing to import 250 thousand tons of quality common wheat to Turkey. This process will continue as long as needed. This is the instruction given to us. As long as needed, Turkey’s need for common wheat and feed will be fulfilled,” Güldal said.

Günhan Ulusoy, the Chairman of the Black Sea Flour Industrialists’ Association, said that they entered into the harvest season of 2018 with quality problem. “In June, we made known the quality problem would be reflected on the price of wheat through statements to the public. In July, we faced with some activities in the price because of supply shortage in the world market,” he said.

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