Turkey Raises Wheat Production Projection for 2023

07 July 20232 min reading

Turkey's wheat production estimate for 2023 has been revised upward by the Turkish National Grain Council (UHT), increasing from the previous projection of 20.75 million tons to 21.5 million tons. This adjustment is attributed to better-than-expected precipitation patterns following a dry winter.

According to a report by the council, several regions experienced strong rainfall during the crucial months of March, April, and May, surpassing precipitation levels observed in previous years. As a result, the estimate for wheat production has been revised upwards. The total area dedicated to wheat cultivation during the 2022-2023 production year is expected to be around 7.3 million hectares.

The Marmara region is projected to maintain its wheat production at a level comparable to the long-term average. On the other hand, the Aegean and Mediterranean regions are anticipated to see a 3% increase in output, while the Black Sea and Eastern Anatolian regions are expected to experience significant growth with 20% and 12% higher production respectively. The report states that the average annual wheat production in previous years was 20 million tons.

In May, the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) predicted a 3.8% increase in wheat production for 2023 compared to 2022, forecasting a total of 20.5 million tons. Additionally, TÜİK estimated that the country's overall grain production for this year would reach approximately 39.5 million tons, indicating a 2.1% rise from 2022.

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