Turkey is set to become a rice exporter

10 December 20151 min reading
National Pulses Council Board Member Şerafettin Memiş said this year rice production will be able to find 1 million tons and if increase in production continues in 2016 Turkey may become a net exporter. pirincs Making statements to the press about Turkey's rice production, National Pulses Council Board Member Şerafettin Memiş said that this year's production is expected to be around 1 million tons. Stating that the production increase is around 20 percent in 2015, Memiş stressed that the season passed good in terms of both quality and efficiency; and added that the harvest will increase by 200 thousand tons compared to the previous season. Pointing out that in case of increase in production continues imports may not be needed in 2016 and Turkey may become self-sufficient in rice production could, National Pulses Council Board Member Şerafettin Memiş stressed it is possible to become a a net exporter in rice in the upcoming years.
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