Turkey is once again the leader in flour export

12 January 20152 min reading

According to the report of International Grains Council IGC; Turkey that exported 3 million 353 thousand tons of wheat flour in 2013/14 season ranked first in global wheat flour export once again.

unhaber1 With flour export it carried out, Turkey ranked first in global flour export. According to the latest report of International Grains Council IGC, Turkey, exported 3 million 353 thousand tons of wheat flour (wheat equivalent) in 2013/14 season, alone carried out 27 percent of total flour in the world. In his statement on the subject, Prof. Dr Hikmet Boyacıoğlu, head of the department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Okan University, said that according to the latest forecast report of IGC, the world flour trade will reach to 12 million 530 thousand tons (in terms of wheat equivalence) by increasing 70 thousand tons in 2014/15 season when compared to previous season. Stating that the little increase in global wheat flour trade was basically caused by Kazakhstan’s wheat to export which is lower than expected, said: “flour export of Kazakhstan is estimated to reach 2,9 million tons with a little increase in comparison to previous season.” “TURKEY MIGHT LOSE THE LEADERSHIP TO KAZAKHSTAN” Pointing out that Turkey is the leader of global flour export with its 3 million 353 thousand tons of export in 2013/14 season, Boyacıoğlu quoted: “Turkey that closed 2012/13 season as leader increased its export to 3 million 353 thousand tons with 786 thousand tons of growth. Kazakhstan, the closest follower of Turkey that holds the leadership, remained on the level of 2 million 762 thousand tons. European Union (EU) countries also realized 920 thousand tons of exportation. With this exportation, Turkey alone carried out 27 percent of global flour export. Due to low production expectations in 1 July 2014- 30 June 2015, Turkey’s flour export is expected to reduce to 2,5 million tons. In this situation, Turkey will lose the leadership to Kazakhstan.” Boyacıoğlu, who emphasized that the export activities of Iraq that is world’s leader wheat flour importer are estimated to realize on the level of 1,4 million tons in line with latest import amounts in general, said second largest flour importer Uzbekistan’s import activities are expected to reduce to 1,3 million tons in 2014/15 season.
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