TMO announced purchase price and policies for corn

14 September 20152 min reading
Turkish Grain Board (TMO) announced purchase price and policies for corn in 2015 period. According to this, intervention purchase price for corn will be 725 TL per ton in 2015. Turkish Grain Board (TMO) announced corn purchase price and policies for 2015 in a statement on 3 September. According to the statement, intervention purchase price for corn will be 725 TL in 2015. In addition to this price, support payment for fertilizer, diesel and soil analysis through 40 TL Premium payments per ton provided by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. It is stated in the announcement of TMO that intervention purchase price determined as 725 TL increased to 780 TL/ton though the supports of 55,4 TL/ton given by the Ministry; and that producers will make profit of 70 percent and 311 TL per ton with this price. Price of corn for January 2016 is stated to be 825 TL/ton. Emphasizing in its announcement that this is the highest corn harvest in the history of the republic is expected, TMO reminded that corn production which was 5,95 million tons in 2014 will reach to 6,3 million tons in 2015 by increasing 5,9 percent. Starting corn purchase with written contract since 20 August, TMO announced that it purchased 54 thousand 254 tons with written contract and it will start purchases in advance or on deposit.69-3
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