Target of rice sector is to become leader in exportation

02 November 20163 min reading

Birol KOCAMAN Chairman of the Board Rice Millers’ Association

konuk_pddDear readers of Miller Magazine, In this letter, I will share last data of rice and paddy rice production in our country, status of Turkey in paddy ricerice import and export and targets of the sector with you.

Paddy rice cultivation in Turkey is continuing by being developed and by increasing in the recent years. While production of 350 thousand tons and 6.04 tons/hectares was obtained in 2000 in cultivated area of 50 thousand hectare, production of 880 thousand tons and yield of 7,35 tons/hectare was obtained in planted area of 120 thousand hectare in 2012.

Paddy rice production of 820 thousand tons was realized in area of 115 thousand 856 decares in 2015. According to estimations of our Association, it is estimated that rice production of 510 thousand tons will be realized in remuneration for paddy rice production of 850 thousand tons in 2016. There is serious increase in paddy rice cultivation, production and efficiency.

There are total 150 paddy rice factories thpaddyout Turkey. The sector has direct employment of more than 10 thousand people as factories and packers.

Current paddy rice processing capacity in Turkey is more than enough and factories operate with capacity of 40 percent. Capacity increase in paddy rice factories in the recent years and the fact that paddy rice customs has more advantage in terms of industry decreases rice import and directs industrialists towards paddy rice import.

For instance, paddy rice import was realized as 188 thousand 906 tons in 2015. This provides benefit in terms of capacity usage and employment to our country.

Turkey is a paddy rice and rice importer country since 1984. However, supports given in the recent years and high foreign prices incited our producer and our local production has been continuously increased with precautions that were taken additionally.

Rice import, which was realized as 192 thousand 768 tons in 2014, was decreased to 119 thousand 835 tons by being diminished at the rate of 60 percent when compared with a previous year in 2015.

Jordan, Syria, Belgium, Italia, Israel, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine are among the countries to which we exported at the most.

Sustainable production is important in terms of our country. Paddy rice production is made in wide areas, and is a production type which is subject to a special permission. According to implementations issued in our country during the past ten years, paddy rice should be removed from category of product that is subject to a special permission due to legal regulations such as Farmer Register System (FRS) record, farmer usage law, establishment of water associations and privatization of energy. Turkish farmer should decide whether to make production with his own will or not.

Production meets 70-75 percent of need in Turkey, and import is made at the rate of 25-30 percent. Besides, Turkey is a country which realizes export, however, realization of the export is based on import. Inward Processing Regime should be revised due to export in our close environment and regime should be used better.

Codex, which is applied currently, should be revised due to product types that have been developing fast in the world or in our country. Researches on codex are continuing to be made. Our country needs serious production increase. Production increase will prevent foreign exchange payments to outside and close current deficit, and will provide that our public consumes more quality and healthy rice. Export will be provided over our own production and foreign exchange income will be increased.

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