Tanis builds the largest milling project in South Sudan

02 September 20222 min reading

Tanis Milling Technologies, the leader in its sector in East Africa, has successfully completed 50% of the new turn-key project in South Sudan, with a capacity of 600 TPD. The project includes a 500 TPD maize mill and a 100 TPD wheat mill in the same building.

Once the project is completed, it will be included grain storage and handling silos, steel construction building, full milling system, PLC technology, process engineering, manufacturing, project management, installation, commissioning, and training for the staff of the whole plant.

The plant was designed with the latest technologies and the highest quality standards, to meet local and international final products. The new flour mill was designed to be managed with a cutting-edge automation system, that allows the user to monitor the entire milling process starting from wheat intake going through, cleaning, tempering, and milling all through the process until packaging. 

The system also allows users to track down the whole process, and the ability for detailed reporting of production data, yield, energy efficiency, vibration, stops, impurities and many other features.

Since 1956, Tanis Machine Technologies has been a leading post-harvest agro-industrial machines manufacturer in Turkey. The company builds advanced flour, semolina, wheat, maize milling plants, feed mills, seed production plants, oilseeds and pulses processing plants, storage and handling systems with any desired capacities. It has completed more than 300 turn-key projects.

It exports to over 75 countries around the world. Tanis has six international after-sales, spare parts and services offices available in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America and stocks spare parts in various regions.

Tanis Milling offers the following products and services: Complete turnkey wheat, maize flour, and semolina mills, high-quality maize grits production lines in any capacity on a turn-key basis, flaking and snack grits production lines, colour sorting machine and systems (Sorton brand by Tanis Group), steel storage silos for raw materials, oilseeds and pulses cleaning and processing plants, steel construction complete building for milling plants, 2 years mechanical, 10 years spare parts and service, 20 years operational guarantee.


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