TABADER to present awards at the Gathering of Doyens

12 April 20183 min reading

TABADER, the common platform of the companies operating in cereal and pulses processing technologies, storage and analysis systems, extends the scope of the Second Gathering of Doyens. The President Professor Mustafa Bayram says the organization will present more awards this year.   


The Association of Cereal and Pulses Processing Technologies, Storage and Analysis Systems (TABADER) has been preparing the Second Gathering of Doyens. Speaking on preparations for this gathering, which was organized on 9 December 2017 for the first time, Professor Mustafa Bayram, Chairman of TABADER, said members will meet with doyens that contributed a lot to the milling sector. “Thanks to the first meeting, old and new generation got together, and we created an archive for the sector. During the 2017’s gathering, we present awards at the Half Century in the Sector, Those Who Left Us, Those Who Contributed to the Development of the Sector and Those Who Brought Value to the Sector categories. Members’ suggestions for awards were considered by the selection committee, and we presented these awards at a spectacular night. That emotional and honored night left unforgettable memories for members as they had the chance to spend that night with doyens and their families,” said Bayram.

NOMINATION PROCESS STARTED Professor Bayram stated that this gathering will be organized regularly. Speaking on preparations, Bayram said the following: “At the Second Gathering of Doyens, TABADER will present awards at six categories. Additional to the already existing four categories, ‘Young TABADER’ and ‘The Establishment of the Year’ were added. Again, as it was the last time, proposals will be gathered in our association, and by selection committee decision, awards will be presented. In the first category, those who have spent 50 years at the sector will be honored and they will be placed at the golden pages of the sector. The second category is a redemption category. It is an award that we present to the family members of those who have contributed a lot to the sector yet passed away. The third category is for members that brought innovation and stimulated development to the sector. The fourth category is for people who open ways for the sector and added value with their ideas, thoughts and labor both inside and outside the sector. Young TABADER, which will be presented for the first time, will be for new and young entrepreneurs and for those who produce information. Along with owners of new companies that invested to the sector, young people that added information to the sector or contributed with their master or PhD thesis or realized an important project will be considered. The Establishment of the Year award will be presented for the first time. The award will be presented to the selected Public Institutions/ Organizations in this sector. Public institutions, commodity exchanges, industry-trade boards and associations will be considered. We started to consider nominations. People want to propose candidates can send an email to We are inviting everybody to the Second Gathering of Doyens of TABADER.”

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