Symaga Unveils Project Department for Large Facilities

09 November 20172 min reading

Smyaga, Spanish conglomerate, presented one of its new keys to success, the “Project Department”. The company officials said coordinating large capacity facilities necessitated this move.

symaga_projeSymaga, one of the leading companies conducting large-scale storage projects, introduced its new Project Department through a press release. Emphasizing the necessity of the team, the company declared that they have redesigned Symaga’s organization and this move “…has allowed Project Managers to coordinate large capacity facilities from beginning to end.” The reason of generating a new project department was indicated in the statement as follows: “Being involved in some of the biggest storage projects around the world requires state-of-the-art, fully-automated production capacities and total coordination between engineering teams. That is the rationale behind the push of Symaga, leader of the largest project in Egypt, for the consolidation of a new Project Department.” Mentioning the recent projects of the company in Myanmar and Korea, it is stated that they are on to coordinate the second largest storage project in History: 6 paddy rice facilities in Nigeria with over 390,000 tons capacity divided into four twin facilities of large capacity and two of less capacity. The project aims to bring Nigeria, one of the largest importers of rice, closer to self-sufficiency. “This groundbreaking initiative would not have been possible without the close cooperation between Symaga and Bühler AG,” said the representatives of Spanish conglomerate. After the business in Nigeria, Symaga will turn its face to Saudi Arabia for three huge projects one of which is called “The King Abdullah Seaport”.

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