Symaga invests in sustainable manufacturing 4.0

17 May 20242 min reading

Symaga Silos, a Spanish family-owned business renowned for its international scope and specialization in designing, manufacturing, and marketing galvanized steel silos, has announced significant investments aimed at enhancing its sustainable manufacturing practices and production efficiency.

In line with its strong commitment to environmental preservation, Symaga has significantly expanded its solar plant capacity from 200kW to 800kW this year. This strategic move now allows the company to power 70 percent of its manufacturing operations with self-generated green energy. Symaga's medium-term goal is to fully transition its production to sustainable energy sources, reinforcing its path towards greater efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness.

Symaga’s latest investment at its manufacturing site has bolstered the production process of silo roof sectors, leading to a 30 percent increase in productivity within the cutting and bending section. The company has acquired two new flattening-cutting and bending lines equipped with stiffening rollers, enhancing both the flattening and structural quality of roof sectors. To manage the increased cutting operations, a new robotic cell for bending and packing roof sectors has also been implemented.

These advancements are part of Symaga’s Annual Investment Plan, underscoring the company’s commitment to maintaining production and operational excellence while upholding environmental and occupational safety standards. This comprehensive plan aims to improve production capacity—a cornerstone of Symaga’s success—ensuring state-of-the-art production supported by a dedicated team of 150 professionals capable of handling projects from layout to after-sales.

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