Successful graduation ceremony for DMSB graduates

10 August 20223 min reading

On July 8, 2022, the nine successful graduates of the German Milling School Braunschweig (DMSB) received their certificates and diplomas during the graduation ceremony and now hold the title "Bachelor Professional in Technology" or "Technician for Mill Construction, Grain and Feed Technology".

For the DMSB graduating class of 2022, July 8 was a special day: one female and eight male graduates received their certificates and diplomas during the graduation ceremony. About 60 guests had accepted the invitation to the Brunswick restaurant LaCupola.

After the principal Jörg Gerling welcomed the attendees, the pedagogical director Georg Böttcher and the entire faculty handed over the long-awaited graduation documents. The course of study at the DMSB now also concludes for the second time with the international title “Bachelor Professional in Technology”. In addition to their studies at the DMSB, seven of the students also successfully faced the Master Examination Board. Further speeches and words of welcome came from the city mayor of Braunschweig, Annegret Ihbe, as well as from Alexander Schnelle, Chairman of the sponsoring association, which actively supports the DMSB.

Cash prizes from the Milling Pension Fund to the three students with the best average grade on their final report cards went to Maren Sting, Jeffrey Freiter and Markus Bröer. These three students also made up the team that produced the best project work, for which they were also awarded the Karl-Heinz Gericke Prize of the “Glück zu” fraternity, for the best-graded final paper.

Praising words for these three and all other graduates were also found by Michael Kammann, president of the fraternity “Glück zu”, who in his following greeting emphasized the successful cooperation of fraternity, sponsoring association and DMSB and the advantages of this worldwide network. In addition, he said goodbye to four members who are now leaving the presidium: the students who have already been named, as well as Leonard Sökefeld.

Finally, Jeffrey Freiter took the floor on behalf of the students, recalled the numerous events and school trips of the last two years and thanked all teachers and staff of the DMSB. Afterwards, the social part of the evening began with a mixture of joy about what had been achieved and melancholy about the farewell.

The German Milling School Braunschweig (DMSB) offers hands-on training in the field of mill-related process engineering and plant construction. Graduates of the DMSB obtain the degrees “State-certified Technician” and “Bachelor Professional for mill construction, grain and feed technology” . With theese degrees, they also receive the advanced technical college entrance qualification, the qualification for independent management of a compound feed operation as well as recognition of the theoretical part of the master craftsman's examination in the milling trade.

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