08 August 20182 min reading


The U.S. Wheat Associates sponsored millers from Nigeria and South Africa for a training on flour milling that was held from June 18-29, 2018 at the IGP Institute Conference Center. Ten participants representing various milling positions such as quality control manager, quality assurance analyst, production manger, and mill manager attended the training. These participants gained knowledge through lectures and hands-on training exercises led by K–State faculty and staff. “We have been working through the entire milling process really highlighting a lot over the last couple weeks about the benefits of blending U.S. wheats, primarily hard winter wheats, with lower quality wheat to improve finished flour quality and functionality,” says Shawn Thiele, flour milling and grain processing curriculum manager. The topics covered in this course included wheat classes; wheat structure; end use functionalities; U.S. wheat grading standards; storage and quality management; U.S. grain production and marketing system; principles of wheat cleaning and conditioning; wheat and flour blending; flour and dough testing; flour functionality; understanding quality of finished baked food, flow sheets design, function; starch damage and managing the process and impact of wheat quality. Along with lectures and hands–on exercises, the course participants toured the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center; Farmer Direct Foods; Cargill; Kejr farms; the USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service; General Mills; Boulevard Brewing Company; and the USDA Agriculture Research Service.

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