Solar mill initiative in Zambia

05 January 20182 min reading

Lusambo, who is in charge of Zambia’s Copperbelt region, has opened the solar-powered mill, which is planned for reducing corn flour costs in the region. Last year, 165 solar mills were started to be built throughout the country in the fight against poverty.


Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusaka Lusambo has commissioned the solar milling plants on the Copperbelt which is hoped will lower the cost of mealie meal. The province has started the construction of 75 solar milling plants on the Copperbelt. A total of 165 milling plants were allocated and distributed among the 10 districts and so far 75 out of the 165 milling plants have been installed with each one of the 10 districts having a share. Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo commissioned the solar milling plants in Kalulushi. Lusambo said the milling plants will result in many benefits such as reduction of mealie meal prices and job creation. He said the establishment of solar milling plants will also enable farmers sell their maize at their door steps than having to travel long distances. The construction of 75 solar milling plants started in April 2017 and was completed in September 2017. Kalulushi Mayor Rashida Mulenge expressed gratitude to President Edgar Lungu for fulfilling his pledge of alleviating poverty through empowering of people under his Presidential milling initiative project. She said the project will not only reduce the price of mealie meal but also create employment for the locals.

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