Smart access point to Bühler’s expanding digital universe

11 June 20195 min reading

With Tubex Pro, Bühler is launching the next generation of scales. Building on more than 100 years of intellectual property, Tubex Pro brings weighing to the next level using advanced connectivity and digital applications. Stefan Birrer, Bühler’s Head of Milling Solutions, and Matt Kelly, Managing Director of Digital Technologies, explain how this smart device contributes to yield management, food safety, and traceability, and why they take copying as a compliment for Bühler.

In 2017, you introduced the Tubex. You are now bringing Tubex Pro to the market. What is this update about?
Stefan: With Tubex, we brought an entirely new generation of scales to the market. One key innovation was the use of an electromechanical drive system instead of pneumatic cylinders. This has saved our customers up to 95 percent of energy in the last two years. Keep in mind that a traditional scale can easily consume up to USD 10,000 of energy a year. The electromechanical drive of the Tubex hopper scale not only reduces energy costs, it also enables considerably more precise motion and position control. An integrated diagnostic system contributes to early problem detection and troubleshooting. Drive components are wear-free, which substantially lowers maintenance costs. In the two years that Tubex has been on the market, we have carefully gathered customer feedback and made many upgrades – all of this learning is incorporated in the new Tubex Pro.

Matt: Tubex was also groundbreaking thanks to its new measuring and control algorithms, and its first connectivity features. Tubex already p