Sinan AYBAKAR, Aybakar Dış Ticaret: “Maximum Efficiency With Minimum Energy is Our Job”

27 February 20177 min reading

“When you are a global supplier, you have to learn and adapt to the local conditions of each country. Today, our products can work at -40 degrees and 50 degrees. In the same way, we built a facility at the 3,200 meters altitude.”

aybakar86The high technology machines presented to the market by Aybakar Dış Ticaret A.Ş., which has been serving in the milling sector since 1932, is now preferred by more than 600 mill factories in 45 different countries. The company has its own offices and warehouses in the Middle East and it offers services through its 2 offices and spare parts stores in Iraq region. With its offices in also Iran and Pakistan, Aybakar also has offices and solution partners in 24 countries.

Stating that the milling industry was totally dependent on foreign firms in the past, Aybakar Dış Ticaret A.Ş. Board Member Sinan Aybakar emphasized that they started machine-based production in the 1970s and reduced foreign dependence to a minimum level. Pointing out that they design the incoming projects not only in a mechanical sense but also in all details, Sinan Aybakar shared with our readers in the “Technology Platform” section of the February issue of the “Miller Magazine” their targets, technological solutions and R&D works they offer to mills.

Mr. Aybakar, Aybakar Dış Ticaret A.Ş. is one of the leading companies in the milling technology industry in Turkey. Could you tell us about the history of Aybakar and its achievement? Founded in 1932, our company is confidently moving forward with the experiences it has obtained in its deeply rooted past. Today, in our third-generation company, every new generation is working to transcend the success of the previous generation and fly higher the flag inherited from its ancestors. Our founders İhsan Aybakar and Ferruh Aybakar worked in a small workshop and started to do business for the sector through the supply of spare parts for flour mills. Today, Aybakar products are preferred in over hundreds of mills located in 45 different countries.

Could you tell us about Aybakar’s technological solutions? We know that you offer turnkey solutions to our customers; but what are the technologies that are totally produced by Aybakar? I think that the biggest problem in our sector is the shift from machine-based production to project-based production. The greatest advantage of our company is that our team has diagraphers, assembly teams and flour masters besides mechanical engineers. Therefore, we design each project not only mechanically, but also considering all the details.

With respect to the machine basis, we are proud of our advanced technology CERES II series of cylinders that we put on the market two years ago. The belt-pulley system on these machines is patented and offers higher efficiency than existing products. In addition, thanks to the LiProKa motors we use in roller systems, we are able to eliminate the need for reduction gear and provide constant torque at low revs.

What can you tell us about innovations, different and innovative solutions you have gained to milling industry with your 85 years of history? In the past, the milling industry had been totally dependent on foreign firms. Starting a machine-based production in the 1970’s, Aybakar reduced to a minimum the foreign dependency of the Turkish millers which was a nightmare. Our main principle in Aybakar is to produce solutions to these problems by observing the shortcomings in the field. It is increasing the knowledge and experience of our company to investigate the problems in a systematic way rather than just looking at the machine based solutions.

Could you tell us about your place in the Turkish and world milling industry and your share in the milling market? How many countries have you reached over 85 years and how many turnkey flour mills have you established so far? Our products are preferred by more than 600 flour mills in 45 countries. It is a source of joy for us to find our products in the market not only in the developing countries but also in the countries that have completed their industrialization. One of the most important points for us is that our customers prefer us up again in need of a new machine.

Could you give us information about your organization abroad? In which countries do you have representations, partnerships or offices? As Aybakar, we make a great deal of our sales abroad, so we attach great importance to being structured abroad. We have our own offices and warehouses in the Middle East market; for example we offer services with 2 offices in the Iraqi region and spare parts depot. We also have our own offices in Iran and Pakistan. In addition, we have representatives and solution partners in 24 countries.

As a solution provider, could you give us information about the special projects and technical services that Aybakar offers to its customers? When you are a global supplier, you have to learn and adapt to the local conditions of each country. Today, our products can work at -40 degrees and 50 degrees. In the same way, we built a facility at the 3,200 meters altitude.

There is no point in trying to produce the flour consumed in Turkey in Uganda because different raw materials are used in the production of flour in each country. Therefore, it is necessary to comply with local standards and this is a business that requires a high level of knowledge.

Speaking of the interesting works we have undertaken, I can mention a 380-meter, 20-ton-per-hour transport system. We have also installed raw material preparation and mixing systems for pasta and noodle producers as well as raw material stores and quality assurance systems for the bread factories.

Do you give training to people who will work in production after completing the setup of a mill or machine? What can you say about your works in this field? It is not a success for us to just install and operate a system. What matters to us is that our customers can make the most of their investment in the shortest possible time. On the basis of this is the right management and execution. In addition to training staff that use machines, we also train managers to ensure maximum efficiency from the system. These trainings continue both in our mills, in customers’ mills during the delivery and during the after-sales period.

Could you give some information about your R&D works and the budget you have allocated for them? Could you tell us what you focus on in your R&D works? In 2016, we realized R&D investment as much as 4 percent of our sales figure. In our R&D works, we focus especially on efficiency and the final product. We are working on providing our customers with maximum energy with minimum energy.

Could you talk about the innovations that you have recently developed and the gains that these innovations have made to the industry? As is well known, flour mills are constantly operating facilities and maintenance processes may be needed from time to time. We continue to work to bring these periods to a minimum level. For example, in the flour mills, we have reduced the time-consuming ball change process to 20 minutes. Such advantageous innovations are effective factors for our industry to move forward.

What do you think are the reasons why the millers choose the technology of Aybakar Dış Ticaret A.Ş.? What do you promise as a company to mills? Among the reasons why millers choose our technology is that we have a deep-rooted background in the industry and years of experience. Aybakar always designs the highest quality and most advanced technology products and always stands by its customers after sales. We invite millers to the family of Aybakar to take part in our long-standing partnership and common earnings policy, which are the advantages of being a family business.

What would you like to add about your future plans? We primarily aim to be a bigger family of Aybakar. Another target is to move our company up both on a technology and sales basis. We plan not only to open up to new markets but also to strengthen our position as a reliable partner and solution partner in our existing markets.

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