Serbia Grain Association applauds IDMA Expo’s role in industry innovation

04 May 20244 min reading

In an interview with IDMA Today daily, Suncica Savovic, Director of the Serbia Grains Association, provides valuable insights into the current state of the grain industry in Serbia. Savovic discusses the main hurdles, recent developments in Serbian grain industry, and the role of events like the IDMA Expo in fostering innovation and advancement in the grain processing industry.

Can you provide an overview of the current  state of the grain industry in Serbia? 

Serbian grain industry shares many difficulties no different than all of the other grain producers and exporters in the region. Wheat stocks are on a high level, production costs are high, farmers were reluctant sellers throughout past autumn and winter, export demand for wheat was sluggish since harvest 2023, weather was unpredictable. Serbia is approaching new marketing year for winter crops with new record in terms of wheat carry over / ending stocks are at the highest level for 3rd year in a row. Since February grain exports pace relatively stabilized and even shows growth in past few months. We currently expect eagerly further development of winter crops in May hoping to have a good rapeseed, barley and wheat crop this season. In spring campaign Serbian producers had sawn bigger area with corn comparing to previous year and about same as in the year before with sunflowerseed.

What are the main challenges facing grain producers and traders in Serbia today?

For Serbian producers - high costs of production and unpredictable weather conditions. Serbian traders are facing unstable offer in terms of supply in the domestic market due to reluctancy in farmers selling and traders -  high level competitivness in the region from neighbouring countries on the Danube river, and in reference to selling to far end buyers through Romanian port of Constanta: competition from other origins in the Black sea region and volatile costs of transport.

Can you discuss any recent developments or trends in grain production, trade, or consumption that are particularly noteworthy for Serbia?

Serbia is self sufficient in terms of grains production. We annualy produce almost 100% above our needs for wheat, and from above 50 % and more in non drought years of exclusively non-GMO corn. During past 2 years Italy has become most significant buyer of Serbian wheat. Grain exports to surrounding countries had grown rapidly within limits of logistics possibilities. During past 2 years Serbia became more significant net exporter of soybean oil and soybean meal, as well as of rapeseed oil and rapeseed meal.

How does the Serbia Grain Association perceive the role of events like the IDMA Expo in fostering innovation and advancement in the grain processing industry? 

IDMA Expo is one of the most significant events for grain processing industry having in mind new inovative solutions exhibited here which certainly push the grain processing industry forward. Held in Istanbul, it serves as an excellent meeting point for participants from both the European and Asian grain sectors, as well as from African countries. These regions, along with Asia, significantly influence global demand for grains and related products.

Suncica Savovic, Director of the Serbian Grain Association, answers the questions posed by Namık Kemal Parlak, Editor of Miller Magazine.

What messages does the Serbia Grain Association aim to communicate to industry professionals and stakeholders at the IDMA Expo?

It is both immense honor and pleasure to support IDMA 2024, too see such a big number of exibitors and participants from all over Asia, Africa and Europe as well as to witness a progress IDMA Expo has made during past 5 years since we started our cooperation.  I am sure everyone is aware that event itself has grown to unprecendented dimensions and I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate the M. Ali Kalkan, Chairman of HAGE Group, the organizing body behind IDMA fairs, and his team for their outstanding organization of this highly beneficial event.

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