Seed sieving facility established in Aksaray

13 September 20171 min reading
Chamber of Agriculture established the largest seed wheat and barley sieving facility in Aksaray, one of the main agricultural areas in Turkey.

aksarayThe seed wheat and barley sieving facility, which has been founded by the Chamber of Agriculture in Aksaray, has a capacity of sieving 10 tons per hour. The facility, which is the largest in the area, sieves approximately 200 tons in 24 hours. Equipped with the latest technology, the facility was established with an investment of 1,200,000 TRL.

Commenting on the sieving facility, Emin Koçak, the Chairman of Aksaray Chamber of Agriculture, emphasized the facility was the largest and the best quality facility in the area, and said “We continue to offer services to our manufacturers in every step where it is required. Currently, we have manufacturers bringing wheat and barley from as far as Kırşehir to our facility. There is a remarkable demand. This sieving facility will make significant contributions to Aksaray and to our manufacturers.”

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