Schule celebrates 125 years

08 March 20172 min reading

F.H. Schule Mühlenbau GmbH, a member of the KAHL Group, celebrates 125 years of supplying grain and oilseed processing plants, rice mills and related equipment.

schule87F.H. Schule Mühlenbau GmbH, one of the manufacturer experts of grain processing industry celebrates 125 years of supplying grain and oilseed processing plants, rice mills and related equipment. A member of the Kahl Group, Schule offers comprehensive and rapid service from planning of the plants and operator training to repair.

HIGHLIGHTS OF SCHULE A new shelling process for quinoa: In recent months, Schule has successfully commissioned a processing plant for quinoa which uses the dry method in South America. The plant is the first of this type worldwide.

Order for a complete oats plant with a capacity of 12 t/h: Schule received a major order for the supply of a complete 12 t/h oats plant. The scope of supply comprises a 40 t/h intake / silo section, a cleaning and shelling line, a stabilization section, a flaking unit as well as a bagging station. Delivery of a 50 t/h rice mill to Bangladesh: In 2013, Schule delivered the first main machines for a 20 t/h long grain parboiled paddy rice mill to Bangladesh. In the last two years, the customer extended this rice mill by further lines to a total capacity of now about 50 t/h or 1,200 t paddy processing capacity per day.

Development of a new shelling process for buckwheat: In the pilot plant in Reinbek, Schule has developed a new shelling process for buckwheat. Usually, Russian shelling processes are used; however, they require a large number of machines.

New drum groat cutter, highest capacity worldwide: The drum groat cutter TGS 2000 and the TGS 3000 have been developed. The complete functional unit has been redesigned, which has significantly reduced the service and maintenance time.

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