Satake releases a high efficiency bulk scale RDBS

03 June 20221 min reading

Satake, a leading supplier of food processing systems, has launched a new model of bulk scale, the RDBS200P-T, to support production yield management.

The RDBS200P-T is designed for weighing low specific gravity materials like rice husks. Its compact design provides an accurate weighing solution with a throughput of up to 8 tons per hour. It also has a built-in weighing data communication function which enables automated and centralized control. Information can be collected and used to continuously monitor processing yield. Effective yield measurement and control is important in determining the appropriate times for machine maintenance and replacement and helps producers maintain product quality.

Features of the RDBS200P-T were designed to help facilities reach the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. By using superior quality stainless steel for all parts in direct contact with raw materials, contamination is mitigated. The machine also provides easy access to all compartments, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, the sealed structure eliminates the generation of dust. RDBS200P-T is suitable for rice mills, drying plants, country elevators, and other food processing facilities.

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