Russian Elevators 2024 conference seeks to revolutionize nation’s grain storage

27 December 20233 min reading

Amidst Russia's grain storage shortfall, the ‘Russian Elevators 2024’ conference, set for February 13-15, emerges as a pivotal platform for industry players. The conference aims to address the pressing need for modern silos, offering a comprehensive exploration of innovative technologies and solutions to bolster the nation's grain storage capacity.

The escalating global population, coupled with the imperative for increased food production, has triggered a surge in demand for advanced storage solutions. As the need to meet growing food demand becomes more critical, advanced grain storage systems play a pivotal role in minimizing post-harvest losses and ensuring food safety. Governments worldwide are recognizing the importance of larger import and strategic grain reserves to bolster food security and mitigate supply chain disruptions.

One standout participant in this global effort is Russia, the world's leading wheat exporter. Over the last decade, the Russia has established itself as a significant exporter of grains, oilseeds, and legumes, successfully catering to both domestic and international demands. In 2022, Russia achieved an impressive grain yield of 157.7 million tons, and projections for the end of 2023 anticipate a yield of 151 million tons. Notably, Russia has witnessed a record-breaking corn crop alongside the second-largest wheat crop in 2023. Despite a decrease from the previous year's record, the lingering effects of abundant carry-in stocks could potentially result in new record-breaking export figures, reaching an estimated 49-50 million metric tons.


Despite possessing silos with a total capacity of 157 million tons, experts reveal that Russia is grappling with a significant shortage of 50-70 million tons in grain storage capacity. In response to this pressing need, the Russian International Industrial Academy has unveiled the 'Russian Elevators 2024' international business conference. This event, scheduled from February 13-15, 2024, aims to bring together key stakeholders in the grain industry to explore cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions designed to enhance efficient grain storage.

The conference, hosted at the International Industrial Academy in Moscow, is poised to be a crucial platform for participants to delve into state-of-the-art technologies related to floor-type elevators, silo construction and operation, modern procurement methods, and transportation equipment. Key objectives include establishing direct contacts between producers and consumers, promoting business projects for silo construction and re-equipment, and showcasing advanced technologies that ensure the safety of grains and oilseeds in diverse climatic zones.


Spanning two days, the conference's comprehensive program encompasses a plenary session addressing the current state and future prospects of Russia's grain industry. Subject-focused sessions will delve into diverse topics, including silo designs, grain dryers, automation, digitalization, safety measures, and Russia's state regulation and support for modern silo construction. Attendees can anticipate live demonstrations of innovations, engaging in business meetings, negotiations, and exploring a scientific and technical literature fair.

The International Industrial Academy extends its invitation to grain market players, managers, and professionals from various sectors involved in grain storage. The academy underscores that attendees will have a unique opportunity to engage with industry experts, exchange knowledge, and actively contribute to the development of an efficient grain storage system in Russia.

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