Reis Gida focused on the British market

08 May 20141 min reading
Reis Gida turned to United Kingdom after United States. The company aims to reach to the commercial customers over 2 thousand in the London-based British market towards to the end of this year. As one of the leading representatives of Turkish pulses industry, Reis Gida turned to United Kingdom after the success it obtained in United States. The company aims to come together with the British people at over 20 thousand points in the British market. Cooperating with Holland Bazaar Cash and Carry to be opened as the first and only largest food wholesaler of London that is open for 24 hours, Reis Gida will initially meet with almost one thousand commercial customers like hotels, restaurants, catering companies. This number is aimed to reach over 2 thousand towards the end of 2014. Targeting to reach other cities like Liverpool and Manchester after London through a network of chain stores of Holland Bazaar Cash and Carry, Reis Gida will be able to give efficient service in the British market. Starting its journey in United States 6 years ago, Reis Gida brings Turkish dry pulses products together with the Americans at nearly a thousand points across United States today.
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