Reinventing an icon: Bühler unveils Arrakis

31 May 20242 min reading

Have you ever met someone for the first time, but felt as if you’ve known them forever? Meet Arrakis. Viewed from the front, Arrakis tells the story of the past, but at the same time, also offers a glimpse of the future. It offers features centered around performance, robustness and simplicity, all brought together in a timeless and contemporary design.

The latest addition to Bühler’s state-of-the-art grinding portfolio - Arrakis is the successor of the Airtronic, considered an icon in the history of milling for its durability and straightforwardness in operation. The new solution, Arrakis, takes these qualities to the next level: increases efficiency, reliability, and simplicity of operation.  

Trust is earned through reliability

At the heart of Arrakis is the grinding unit – a true pillar that millers can rely on thanks to its stable grinding performance. The patented grinding gap adjustment ensures rigidity and stability over time to maximize grinding performance. Sturdy casted frame with load-carrying structure provides high vibration absorption, ensuring robustness for long periods of continuous operation. Load cell sensors control the feeding gap to provide a stable product flow across the grinding rolls for maximum efficiency. In addition, the foreign object protection prevents damage, increasing security and longevity of the roller mill. 

Another highlight of Arrakis is its ease of operation. Its intuitive interface makes controlling and monitoring simple and straightforward. Thanks to its secure remote access function, the grinding can be operated through various devices and from anywhere.  

The need to retrofit existing plants has been thoughtfully addressed, aiming to minimize potential risks associated with transitioning while enhancing productivity, effectiveness, reliability, and lowering maintenance costs. As Arrakis is built on the same footprint as its predecessor, Airtronic, one-to-one replacements can be made, simplifying the installation process. Connecting the fixed speed feeding roll to the main roll’s drive guarantees a more streamlined system that is easy to install and maintain. 

The feeding unit is equipped with a cleaning flap, which ensures the complete discharge of the remaining product and easy cleaning of the feed module. Brushless synthetic scrapers eliminate product-accumulating dead spots, increasing food safety, while self-adjusting knife scrapers align to the surface of rolls, eliminating the need for manual adjustments, and ensuring clean rolls at all times.

For more information about Arrakis, visit the website.

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