Quick result on flour analysis

10 August 20171 min reading

Brabender’s flour analysis device GlutoPeak allows grain traders and millers to efficiently manage their products.

brabenderBrabender’s new device GlutoPeak which can rapidly characterize flour’s functionality and performance potentiality enables good correlations with known measuring values for flour analysis, such as protein content, wet gluten, water absorption and the Alveograph W value. In just a few minutes, device provides a “rheological fingerprint” of the analyzed flour sample. It measures the aggregation behaviour of the gliadin and glutenin proteins in a sample, for the purposes of describing their baking properties. In particular, the peak time until the maximum torque is reached, and the height of the peak provide significant information about the tested sample. Rheological measurement with the GlutoPeak is performed by measuring the torque, which results in good correlations to other more time-consuming rheological methods.  Hence, conclusions can already be drawn on the gluten quality and its specific features before embarking on analytical differential diagnostics, with instruments like Farinograph, Extensograph and Amylograph.

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