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Luis Coromina: “Our plant can process more than 220 tons of wheat daily. We are constantly investing in it in order to fulfill our clients’ expectations, and have always used the latest technology by Buhler. If things go as expected, we will need to increase capacity soon.” Farinera Coromina is one of the medium-sized flour mills of Spain with 115-year history. Being very sensitive about the flour quality, company’s General Director Luis COROMINA states that they are shown as the reference on flour quality in Spain. Having the capacity of processing more than daily 220 tons of wheat, Farinera Coromina consistently makes capacity investments in order to meet the expectations of their customers and benefits from the latest technology. Saying that, “If things go as expected, we will need to increase capacity soon.”; Luis Coromina defends that there will be two success models of Spanish flour milling in the future. Expressing that “volume and cost” is one of them and the other is “quality, service and innovation”, General Director COROMINA states that their success model is absolutely the second one. Luis Coromina tells the details about Farinera Coromina and Spanish flour industry. Mr. COROMINA, can you introduce company Farinera Coromina, could you give some information on your company and how you have come to today? Farinera Coromina has been producing the finest flours in the market for more than 115 years, and has shown as the reference flour mill in Spain. We are located in Banyoles (120km from Barcelona), between the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees. Our mission is to provide high-quality flours along with an excellent service, solving the needs of our clients and accompanying them along the process of baking bread and other products, in order to generate added value for their final products. Thanks to our ongoing investment in R&D, we have an innovative production system that allows us to produce high-quality, regular flours, while fulfilling each client’s requirements. Besides, we also have a new baking center equipped with the latest baking technology, where we work hand in hand with our clients. What can you say about your product variety and the position of your company in Spanish market? Which properties of your company distinguish you from your rivals? Our medium-size company gives us the advantages of producing high quality flours coming from high quality wheat only, while at the same time providing an outstanding service, ongoing innovation and a competitive price. With our sales growing year after year, we have surpassed the 30.000 tones milestone, and we have become the reference flour mill in Spain when it comes to quality, service and innovation. We have a wide range of products, from all kinds of wheat flour (bread, pastries, biscuits, pizza, whole grain…) to rye flour, including organic flours. In addition, Farinera Coromina is the pioneer in Spain in offering stone-milled flours, known for its intense flavor and aroma. Could you give information on your facility, capacity and technologies you used? What can you say about the level of your company in capacity and technology usage? Our plant can process more than 220 tons of wheat daily. We are constantly investing in it in order to fulfill our clients’ expectations, and have always used the latest technology by Buhler. If things go as expected, we will need to increase capacity soon. Are there any other fields you give service besides flour production? If there are other fields you working on or other products, could you give information also about them? At Farinera Coromina, we want to become more than a simple supplier, we are a long-term partner for our clients, someone they can trust and ask for advice anytime they need it. This is why we focus on constant excellent service, and help them innovate and solve their baking issues. The know-how in baking provided by our technical staff is currently the most advanced and well-known in Spain. Besides, since we are agile and can easily adapt to the changes in the market, we also offer other tailored flours and baking products as a result of the needs of our clients. Are you working only for the Spanish market in the flour milling industry? Are there any export activities or do you have any goals for export? Although Spain is our natural market, in the last two years we have expanded our brand and products in other parts of the world. France, for instance, is a mature market where, thanks to the high quality of our flours, our sales are growing. We have also exported to the USA, and are opened to develop the markets in East Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East through reputed distributors. As Farinera Coromina, what is your future goal for the investment and market objective? Our vision is to become the leader flour mill in Spain in terms of quality, service and innovation, as well as consolidating our exports in France, USA and the rest of the world. Could you give some information also on the flour industry in your country and the consumption habits of your people? What is the position of Spain in the world in terms of using milling technologies, flour production amount, quality and consumption? Spain is a mature market with a fierce competition. Times have been hard for the milling industry, but thanks to our innovation we have made our path and are on the pole position for the new revolution that is coming: consumers are starting to appreciate the quality in bread, demanding more and different specialties, and, for the first time in many years, bread consumption is growing. What do you think about the future development of your country especially in terms of flour industry? I think that there are two success models: one focuses on volume and cost. The other one goes for quality, service and innovation. We clearly choose the second because we have the right team to become the best in this field. Finally, what would you like to add? I believe it is very rewarding to see how our clients make such a spectacular final product from our flour. To conclude, at Farinera Coromina we are available 24/7. Farinera Coromina is a high-quality, innovative and trustworthy flour mill. 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