14 December 20172 min reading

Flour plants are making an effort to increase their market shares by standing out among its competitors. Brands which meet demands of the customer, holding consistency in quality are stepping forward. Quality control has a vital importance in sustaining quality consistency and building trust in a brand. 

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‘Innovation’ and ‘digitalization’ are the key concepts of doing business in the era of Industry 4.0. Another key concept is ‘sustainability’ which is as important as the former two. All companies adopt this keyword as a philosophy regardless of their business volume. It is sustainability that lies behind growth, development and long-term profitability. At this point, ‘quality control’ steps in. Providing high-quality in your products and making this continuous mean that your brand gains an important position in the market. This matter is of much higher importance for milling industry which supplies staple foods for people. Quality control and laboratory are among the main activities of millers in terms of providing food safety and gaining the trust of customers. From this point of view, we would like to draw attention to this matter in this last issue of the year. In this framework, we published the essays of academicians who stand out with their studies on laboratory works and experienced people who have been working in facilities of well-known brands for years as quality control expert. Especially, the essay of Rebecca (Miller) Regan who is a reputable academician serving as Director of Wheat Quality Laboratory in Kansas State University, in which American millers are trained,  features as a reference guide for experts in mill laboratories.

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