pulses Processing Technologies

08 April 20141 min reading
The most important technologies used in pulses processing consist of sorting and classifying systems as the most important factors affecting the quality in pulses are the foreign substances and damaged grains. Separating of them from the product and minimizing the product loss in this process are important indicators of efficiency. As a significantly important foodstuff for human nutrition with high nutrition values in their content, pulses have been demanded more and more with the increase in healthy living trend. Together with that, processing of pulses varieties efficiently and qualifiedly gains importance. The most important stage in processing of pulses is sorting and classification. Sorting the pulses varieties from the foreign substances with the minimal loss as possible and classifying them properly in terms of quality have become much easier with the help of current technologies. It is not quite possible to encounter many foreign substances, to which we used to encounter in our kitchens in the past, in the packaged pulses we buy from the markets today. This indicates how much the technology has been improved. We tried to discuss the importance of the technology in pulses processing and prominent technologies on this issue.
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