ProPlant solves maintenances problems

05 July 20185 min reading
Bühler has just recently installed its 100th ProPlant system at Harinas de Mallorca S.A. in Palma de Mallorca. The customer is thrilled with ProPlant. CEO Guillermo Munar says, “It helps in maintenance and saves money and time in upkeep.”14_733842_200-800x520 Up until just a few months ago, the maintenance work at the Harinas de Mallorca plant on Cami San Carles in Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearic island, was done according to specifications in the index card file. And maintenance of the plant itself took place according to the ‘break-down maintenance’ principle. In other words, parts hat to break first before they were replaced by the operations in-house mechanic. Looking back, CEO Guillermo Munar says: “We were able to squeeze the last bit of use from some of the parts. But we also had to accept collateral damage and long, and often unscheduled, downtimes.” In retrospect, Munar believes it was a generally unsatisfactory situation. NEW TIME CALCULATION Bühler set up a modern, 3,150 ton silo and filling plant for a variety of wheat flour types in 2016. After commissioning the plant, maintenance was done according to the ‘break-down’ principle. But management was aware of the risks they were taking by doing so and that the upkeep of a new plant following the ‘break-down’ principle of maintenance was not sustainable. “The controls of our new plant happened using the Bühler WinCos system,” Munar revealed. “The installation of WinCos was our opportunity to expand the entire maintenance and upkeep of our plant with Bühler’s ProPlant system. A new period of time calculation thus began at Harinas de Mallorca in terms of maintenance.” Before the new servicing software could be bought, the executive board needed to be won over. Guillermo Munar: “We were able to demonstrate that ProPlant is used daily, would be of great assistance in terms of maintenance planning for the plant, and would also help us save costs. We were able to convince the company management with these arguments. We can only praise ProPlant. It helps in maintenance and saves money and time in upkeep. Whoever decides to use WinCos for their plant control should definitely install the ProPlant system at the same time.” READY FOR USE The ProPlant system installed at Harinas de Mallorca was set up ready-to-operate at Bühler’s headquarters in Switzerland. All relevant data, jobs, replacement part lists, and the operating manuals for all plant components at Harinas de Mallorca were loaded onto the mini server (ProPlant Cube) by Bühler specialists and then the software was programmed according to specifications by the Harinas management. ProPlant was ready for installation and commissioning. On site at the Harinas plant on Mallorca, it took just a couple of hours because everything had already been set up. By summer 2017, after intensive employee training, the system was ready to handle planning of all maintenance tasks at Harinas de Mallorca. “ALL IN ONE” All maintenance and service work is integrated in the ProPlant system according to customer specifications at Harinas de Mallorca. In addition, ProPlant includes a warehouse management system for the most important and critical replacement and wear parts. The WinCos interface was also important in the decision to install ProPlant because it allows the maintenance work to be triggered by the actual hours of operation instead of predefined calendar intervals. Harinas de Mallorca has been depending on ProPlant for its maintenance planning and monitoring since summer 2017. “Our expectations have been exceeded,” says Toni Munar, who is in charge of both the WinCos and ProPlant systems at Harinas, summarizing the plant’s experiences over the first months. “We save a lot of time and money with ProPlant because malfunctions which could lead to equipment damage are prevented.” At Harinas de Mallorca, ProPlant is being used for additional tasks as well, such as for scheduling building cleaning or checking the updating of certificates, etc. Guillermo Munar: “It came as a positive surprise that we could use the program for this as well.” PLANNING WORK APPROVED The operatiors at Harinas de Mallorca are also enthusiastic about ProPlant because of it’s simplicity and operator convenience. “ProPlant sets up a schedule for completing all tasks and work that need to be taken care of,” explains Toni Munar. “That relieves us of a lot of scheduling work. The responsible employees only need to focus on their work of the day. And if a task can’t be done or finished for whatever reason, the program sends a reminder until the job has been completed and reported.” In the event of some intervention in the workflow or unanticipated incident, ProPlant records this and archives the case. Toni Munar: “If the same problem reoccurs, it can be quickly identified. And we know immediately what to do, even if the employee originally involved in the incident is no longer with the company.” ProPlant also has many other available functions which can be gradually developed by building additional tasks into the system, as Guillermo and Toni Munar have determined. Munar is convinced: “Once ProPlant has been operating for a full year and all tasks have been executed at least once and the annual cycle played through, our operation maintenance will be running optimally.” And by the way: It is also an advantage for external plant audits that the maintenance can be performed based on a computer system. The auditors can trust the efficiency of the computer, and traceability can be ensured with just a few mouse clicks.
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